Heritage Protection Fund

Council is now calling for applications to be made for the Heritage Protection Fund.

What is it?

The fund is allocated $5000 by Council which is then contestable by applicants.

What projects are supported?

Buildings, items or places listed on the Heritage Items Schedule of the District Plan, Trees listed in the Protected Trees Schedule and archaeological sites and wahi tapu sites as identified by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust are all eligible to apply for funding. Projects eligible for funding may be: preservation/conservation projects, enhancement/management projects or research and education projects. The fund does not apply to projects that will demolish or remove buildings or items, or add or extend buildings or items, nor any work that has been completed prior to the consideration of an application. However, Council does reserve a right to consider these types of projects for funding if appropriate circumstances exist.

How to apply.

At least two quotes must be supplied that provide a breakdown of the costs. The criteria and amount of funding available for different categories of heritage items is provided in the Policy, as well as a full breakdown of the information that needs to be attached with an application.

The applications will be presented at the 30 June 2021 Council Meeting. Information provided will be publicly available as it will be a part of the Council Agenda. Closing Date for applications to be sent to the Planning Department is 28 May 2021. Please send applications to: planning@mackenzie.govt.nz or call the Planning Department on (03) 685 9010 to discuss your application.

More information

For more information please email our planning team at planning@mackenzie.govt.nz or call us on (03) 685 9010.

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