Twizel Community Board - Chipper

The Twizel Community Board purchased a wood chipper in about 2008 for use in the community.

As part of Council's health and safety obligation and risk assessment has been conducted. The wood chipper is a specialized piece of equipment, the use of which carries a significant risk of serious injury if used incorrectly. Council are not in a position to provide the levels of training and supervision necessary to mitigate that risk.

The Twizel Community Board, therefore, on the advice of Council staff, resolved to recommend to Council that they sell the woodchipper (Community Boards are only able to recommend sale because they don't own the asset). Council agreed with and therefore ratified this decision.

For the avoidance of confusion, the Community Boards are part of the structure of Council, and are funded via ratepayer contributions. Therefore items purchased on their behalf by Council are the property of Council, who 'own' them (as they do with any other asset) on behalf of the community. The sale is governed by Council's Asset Disposal policy - a copy of which can be found here.

If you have questions regarding this process or the decision, please contact us on (03) 685 9010.

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