COVID-19 Economic & Community Recovery Action Plan

Mackenzie District Council has developed a Recovery Action Plan summarising the actions that Council will undertake to ensure the District recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

In a joint statement, Mayor Graham Smith, and Suzette van Aswegen, Chief Executive Officer said: "There is no silver bullet that will address the challenges we face. We are committed to working more closely than ever with our communities, local businesses, and our partners to deliver a range of measures which will ensure the District recovers as fast as possible.

We continue to work in partnership with Christchurch NZ and the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce - both of whom are funded by Mackenzie District Council to provide support to local businesses.

Our Economic & Community Recovery Action Plan was recently approved by Council. It outlines a range of measures that Council will work on to assist recovery in the short, medium and longer term and signals the start of a process of engagement with the community, key stakeholders and partner agencies to ensure that recovery lies at the heart of our individual and collective plans for the future".

The Recovery Action plan - which will evolve as Council better understands the challenges and how best to respond to them - is being posted to all ratepayers in the District, and is available for viewing or download here.

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