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Isolating at home

Information for people who have confirmed, probable or suspected COVID-19, who are isolating at home or for whom hospitalisation is medically not required any more.

Isolating at home

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Home Care Packs

If you test positive you’ll need to self-isolate, and will receive support from your local District Health Board. The Canterbury District Health Board have released a booklet, ‘Home care pack – everything you need to stay safe when isolating at home with COVID-19’.

At this phase, this will be sent out with a full home care pack that will include hand sanitiser, masks, antibacterial wipes, pulse ox (if required) etc. These will be sent out by the DHB logistics team when Community and Public Health are alerted to a positive case.

Support from the Ministry of Social Development

When isolating, most of us will be able to manage with help from friends and whānau, but there is information and help available if you need it. When you’re told you need to isolate, you’ll be asked if you need any support or help. It could be for things like food, groceries, or other things. Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is coordinating support and connecting people with the right service to help them.

If you need help, MSD will connect you with someone. They may be from marae-based services or support that iwi have established, a local community organisation or a government agency. They will call you to talk about how they can help so you and your whānau get the support you need to isolate.

COVID-19 in the community

There are practical things you can do to make sure you are ready for COVID-19 in our district. Canterbury District Health Board has created a one-stop web page with advice for being ready and what to do if you test positive for COVID-19.

Care in the community

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