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Frozen Balls are Better

Now that the weather has turned cold we start to think about freezing water in pipes and cisterns of properties that are not in constant use.

Anecdotally we know that some people put anti-freeze in toilets to try and avoid frost damage. Unfortunately, anti-freeze is fairly toxic and it’s not a chemical we want in our water treatment plants where it can cause problems.

Instead how about trying one of the other solutions to this age-old problem:

  1. Drain your pipes. If you’re going to be away for a while this is the best long-term solution to frost damage in your water pipes.
  2. Float a ping pong ball in your toilet. When the water freezes the ball with take the strain and pop instead of your toilet bowl.
  3. Float a tennis ball in cisterns etc. As the water freezes and thaws the flexibility in the ball should take the strain. A sponge may work in the same way.

In this case frozen balls really are better.

To get you started we are giving ping pong balls away to home owners. If you call in to your local Council office in Fairlie or Twizel you can pick up a couple of complimentary balls.

ALSO: Did you know that if you have anti-freeze to dispose of, it can be dropped off at one of the Resource Recovery Parks in Fairlie, Lake Tekapo or Twizel.