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Emergencies - Civil Defence

Communication channels, and Council's responsibilities in emergency situations.

Emergencies - Civil Defence

Mackenzie emergency managementIn times of emergency, Council will provide as much information to the community and visitors as possible through a number of communication channels:

For enquiries during an emergency contact Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (CDEM) on 0800 685 8514

Communications during emergency situations:

  • Emergency updates are posted on our Facebook page and Civil Defence Event Page.
  • Refer to the CDEM page on the inside cover of your Yellow pages phone book.
  • During an emergency, if your life is at risk dial 111, otherwise contact your local CDEM Headquarters (Mackenzie District Council 0800 685 8514 or 03 685 9010).
  • Look after your immediate family first then see if your neighbours need help.
  • Listen to the radio to find out what is happening. Within the Mackenzie listen to:
    • Radio Twizel FM (95.8)
    • Gem Radio Fairlie (88.3)
    • More FM (94.2 or 95.0 / Twizel 89.4)
    • The Breeze (89.9 or 99.8); or
    • The Hits (98.7).

Note: If you don't have a battery powered radio remember most vehicles have radios.

While organisations can help in an emergency, individuals are ultimately responsible for looking after themselves and their property, and preparedness is vital.

The Council has an Emergency Management Officer who coordinates volunteers and Mackenzie District Council staff to provide Civil Defence and Emergency Management to the District.

As a member of the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (CDEM), the Council is committed to making available the resources to provide a CDEM infrastructure and support systems under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002.

To learn more about this Group please refer to the CDEM website.