Application for Services: Allandale Rural Water Scheme

The Allandale Rural Water Scheme, established in 1966, supplies water to over 100 rural properties in the Allandale area.

The Allandale area is a rural plain of 15,000 hectares north of Fairlie, on the north bank of the Opihi River.

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Option 1 - A new connection to the Rural Water Supply

New connection?

Attach sketch plan in dialog under 'Plan' heading.

  • Minimum 1 unit ie., 1800 litres/day
  • Allocation criteria is: 1 unit for first house on property and up to 10ha of land
  • Minimum tank size for one unit is 5,400 litres. Fee is GST inclusive.

Option 2 - An additional unit(s) of water to an existing scheme tank

Additional unit(s) of water to an existing scheme tank?
For properties which require an increased supply into an existing tank.

Option 3 - A reduction in units of water

Reduction in units of water?

For properties able to cope with a reduced supply.

  • Whitestone Contracting fee directly passed on.
  • Reduction in charges will not appear on the rate demand until the next rating year. Fees as in (1) apply if later application is made to reinstate units if still available.

Option 4 - Transfer of unit(s) to new tank(s)

Transfer of unit(s) to new tank(s)

For applicants who require a second or subsequent tank on the same property and have sufficient water to reallocate units from the existing supply.

  • Whitestone Contracting fee directly passed on.

Option 5 - Transfer of unit(s) between existing tanks

Transfer of unit(s) between existing tanks

For applicants who wish to reallocate water between two or more existing tanks on the same property.

  • Whitestone Contracting fee directly passed on.

Option 6 - Shifting an existing restrictor to a new position on the property

Shifting an existing restrictor to a new position on the property?

For applicants who wish to relocate on existing tank to a different position on the property.

  • Whitestone Contracting fee directly passed on.

Attach sketch plan in dialog under 'Plan' heading.


Please mark on the sketch plan the location of the tank(s) on your property.

Charge for this Service



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Notes for applicants

Minimum Depths and Distances between Underground Services


  • Positions of services are indicative only
  • Minimum depths:
    • HV – 900mm*
    • Sewer – 500mm
    • All other services – 500mm*
  • Minimum distance between all services – 350mm
  • Water and sewer must have 500 minimum horizontal separation
  • All services must be at least 500mm from boundary

*Refer to relevant supply authority for telephone, data transfer and electricity requirements.

For full details refer to “Water Supply Bylaw 2014” and “Specification for Reticulation.

  • The connection fee covers a capital contribution plus the cost of fittings (restrictor, gate valve, toby box, tapping band and ball cock).  All fees are inclusive of GST.
  • Installation and maintenance of outlet piping is the owner’s responsibility.
  • One unit is equivalent to 1,800 litres supplied over 24 hours.
  • Water is supplied from rural water schemes for domestic and stock use only.  No commercial horticultural use of water is permitted.
  • An application once approved, remains valid for 24 months.  No guarantee can be given that a connection can be made after this time.
  • There is a 12-month maintenance period for sub-dividers who lay their own pipes within the subdivision lots.
  • No person other than approved Council staff may make adjustments to any rural water supply.
  • The Council will be responsible for connection to the main line and for connection to the restrictor.  Maintenance of all fittings and pipe from the main line to the restrictor box will also be the Council’s responsibility.
  • Each property owner must install and maintain adequate insulation to protect the restrictor from frost damage.  Repairs due to frost damage will be charged for.
  • Supply and install of pipe between the main line and the applicant’s property boundary is to be done by the applicant or his contractor, at his expense and must be installed to the Council’s specifications.  All pipework must be DN25mm 12.5 bar pipe to a cover depth of 500mm, from your proposed tank location to the boundary where our restrictor box will be located.  The pipe is to be either blue or black with a blue stripe.  The pipework is to be installed to give a minimum cover of 500mm and must be separated from other utility services as shown overleaf.  Pipe route should be discussed with the Utilities Manager prior to installation.  Failure to comply with these criteria will result in pipe having to be re-laid prior to connection being made.
  • Should upgrading of existing pipelines be required, either by replacement or by duplication, the applicant will be advised of the Council’s requirements.  Applicants will be responsible to arrange a suitable contractor to undertake this work or to do the work themselves.
  • Should some of this pipework be required to be installed on a neighbouring property, permission of the landowner will be obtained by Council staff.  Prior to pipe purchase an onsite meeting is to be arranged with the Council’s Utility Manager to discuss pipe route, Council’s requirements and any problems that may arise.  When the pipe is ready to be installed, 48 hours’ notice is required to be given to Council staff so that supervision of installation can be arranged.  Pipeline criteria regarding depth and position will be required as stated above.  Any reinstatement of trenches on neighbouring properties and especially on road sides will be the applicant’s responsibility.  Note: working in Road Reserve requires a Corridor Access Request (CAR). The website can be used for this purpose.
  • The applicant or the applicant’s contractor is responsible for locating and avoiding all other services including water, power and telecom, cables.  Should damage occur to these it will be the applicant’s responsibility to have these repaired at their own expense.
  • The Council cannot guarantee the uninterrupted supply of water and recommends the maximum possible volume of storage tanks, but in any event not less than three days storage.

Full regulations are contained in the Mackenzie District Council Water Supply By-Law 2014.

Fees and Charges

Please note that this application will not be processed until we receive confirmation of payment. Payment can be made online here.

Water Supply by the Meter (Minimum Annual Fees)

Fees 2023/24
Inspections/re-inspection (per inspection) $190.00
Application for Connection/Disconnection $210.00
Water connection (20mm) $1,890.00 + reinstatement
Water connection (commercial) Actual Cost +15%
Re-allocation of units - rural supply $190.00
Fairlie $0.97/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Tekapo $0.97/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Twizel $0.97/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Burkes Pass $0.97/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Meter Special read outside of the normal cycle (including Final reading) $85.00
Water meter testing fee (On-site) (if requested by the consumer and not found faulty) $150.00
Back flow installation Actual +15% Actual +15%
Back flow testing$150.00
Restrictor Change (Quick Fill)
Charges in lieu of Urban Water Supply Rates for part of the year