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All kerbside collections will run on standard days over ANZAC weekend, including the Monday collection in Twizel. The Saturday collection at the Albury Hall will not be available on ANZAC day, Saturday 25 April.

The Resource Recovery Parks in Twizel and Fairlie will be closed on ANZAC day, Saturday 25th April. All Resource Recovery Parks will return to standard opening hours from Sunday 26th, including the Twizel site being open on Monday 27th.

For more information, please click on the following links:

Kerbside collection information

Resource Recovery Park locations and opening hours

 As a follow up to the outage that occurred on Thursday 9 April 2015 that affected Fairlie and surrounding areas, Transpower are intending to carry out essential replacement of the transformer at the Albury Substation between 9.00am and 6.00pm Sunday 12 April 2015.

 The Rules Reduction Taskforce was recently appointed by the Minister of Local Government.  The Taskforce represents a drive for positive change.  Its job is to listen to concerns about regulations which frustrate property owners and those who use property and make recommendations to the Government.

Lets help get rid of loopy rules.  The Governments Rules Reduction Taskforce is coming to our district so lets let them know what is getting under our skin!  Have a look at the below letter from Jacqui Dean to see how you can have your say.  The Taskforce will be at Tekapo and Fairlie on 22 April 2015.

7 April 2015

Effective until further notice.

Environment Canterbury’s water resource consent for Fairlie and Kimbell says that when the flow of the Opihi River falls below 2.5 cubic metres per second the Council is required to impose a total hose ban. Despite recent rain, the river today (Monday) is only flowing at 2 cubic metres per second. This means there is now a total ban on hosing, sprinklers and any other form of irrigation in the townships. This ban will stay in place until there is a significant improvement in the level of the river. 

We recognise that many people in the community rely on their vegetable gardens and fruit trees for food. Watering these with a watering can is allowed. The whole community is suffering because of the dry period and any measures you can take to conserve water are appreciated.

Geoff Horler
Utilities Engineer
Mackenzie District Council

Effective until further notice

Twizel Water Restrictions - 7 April 2015

NO watering of lawns.

Gardens can be watered for a maximum of one hour per day between the hours of 7pm and 8am. This applies whether your street number is odd or even.

This notice will be updated when conditions ease and the river level improves. 

Geoff Horler

Utilities Engineer

Mackenzie District Council

 The committees refresh process for the Upper Waitaki and Lower Waitaki South Coastal Canterbury Water Zone Committees is now underway. If you are interested in joining either of these committees more infomation is available at…/canter…/comm-engage/Pages/Default.aspx

Notice is hereby given that Pursuant to the provisions of Section 22.2 of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977, the following fire seasons are in force from midnight WEDNESDAY 25 MARCH 2015 until further notice.




Download full notice here

Download map here

Mackenzie District Council has now published a list of Council Surplus Land for your information.

The Public are advised that in order to underdake work on the Long Gully Bridge (Rutherford Road, Albury) it will be necessary to detour road traffic through the adjacent ford.  It is therefore suggested road user vehicles be capable of 4WD during this time.

Date of the detour - Monday 9 March 2015 for approximately 3-4 weeks.

We suggest that if possible you use an alternative route and avoid the work area during this period.

Would you like to understand more about the value of the dark skies of the Mackenzie?


Check out the documentary "Dark Sky" on You Tube which was produced by Jerry Rock-Archer and Laura Sargisson for their Masters of Science Communication.

Download a copy of the NRFA Farm Fire Safe Brochure 

Download a copy of the NRFA Firesmart Home Owners Manual

The new Food Act - what does it mean for businesses

In a few days time the Food Bill which was passed by Parliament this week will become the Food Act 2014. The new Act intends to make it easier and less costly for many food businesses, while ensuring the food produced is safe.



Notification is given that the Mackenzie District Council has received an application for a resource consent from:

B Rae C/- Land Services Group Ltd, PO Box 611, Timaru

The application is for a subdivision consent to subdivide Section 18 Tekapo Village into two allotments. In the Residential 1 Zone the minimum lot size for front lots is 400m2 (net area) and 500m2 (net area) for rear lots. The application proposes the following allotments: Lot 1 – 352m2 and Lot 2 – 548m2 (467m2 net area). The status of the application is non-complying.

Location: The site is located at 14 Allan Street, Lake Tekapo.

 Download a copy of the meeting schedule for 2015. All meetings are open to the public. Agendas are available on this website three days before each meeting.

Information about the planned upgrade of the Twizel Water Supply, and its impact on Twizel rates,was handed out at a recent public meeting. Click here to download a copy of the information

Road closure of unnamed and unformed roads off Braemar Road, Lake Tekapo.

 Local Governance in the Mackenzie District 2014 provides information about Mackenzie District Council and outlines the responsibilities, structure and governance processes of the council. 

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