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Rubbish and Recycling

Kerbside refuse, recycling, and resource recovery parks.

Rubbish and Recycling

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Kerbside refuse and recycling collections are available at Fairlie, Kimbell, Burkes Pass, Albury, Lake Tekapo, Twizel and a number of rural locations. Resource Recovery Parks are located at Fairlie, Lake Tekapo and Twizel.

Refuse services include:

  • Domestic refuse collection, collecting recyclables, organics and residual waste for the township areas and some rural locations.
  • Promotion of waste minimisation
  • Provision of recycling facilities
  • Participation in the regional waste strategy
  • Participation in waste diversion
  • Provide domestic Hazardous Waste diversion

There are no active District landfills. The Fairlie, Lake Tekapo and Twizel closed landfill sites are used for hardfill disposal, and are controlled sites that do not permit public access. Residual waste is transported to landfills outside the District.

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