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Flying of UAV - Drones

Responsible flying of UAV - Drones within the Mackenzie District.

Flying of UAV - Drones

Mackenzie District Council supports and encourages operators of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/'Drones') to familiarise with the Civil Aviation Rules governing UAV - Drone use.

The purpose is to ensure that aviation safety is maintained and drone operators are taking responsibility for ensuring the safety of their operations and of surrounding airspace.

The rules include restrictions to flying UAV - Drones within a 4km radius of airports. Further information is available on the airshare.co.nz website.

Airshare UAV/Drone operators are responsible for ensuring that their flights comply with Civil Aviation Rules.

The Airshare website was developed to assist UAV/Drone operators to find the relevant information for flying drones correctly, and responsibly.

Airshare has been developed by Airways New Zealand in collaboration with Callaghan Innovation, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the industry body UAVNZ, and is widely supported by the commercial UAV/Drone community and recreational flyers.

Sections include:

  • Maps - to know where to fly
  • Traveller FAQs - for visitors bringing drones to New Zealand
  • My Flights - to log your flights and request access to controlled airspace
  • Top Tips - to understand Civil Aviation Rules
  • Council Policies - on consent for flying over parks and Council land
  • Quiz - to test your knowledge
  • Directory - NZ’s largest directory to find drone operators or service providers

The Policy on Flying Unmanned Aircraft 2015 provides guidance on the use of unmanned aircraft on or over Mackenzie District Council property and facilities, including Pukaki Airport.

Mackenzie District Council Policy on Flying Unmanned Aircraft 2015

Mackenzie District Airspace Maps