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Roading and Transport

An efficient transportation system is essential to the Mackenzie District.

Roading and Transport

Roading and transport provides people with access to employment, services, education, and recreation, providing for the movement of goods and services supporting a growing economy.

Roads, footpaths, verges, street lighting, signage and bridges are key aspects of the road and transport system within the Mackenzie district.

The Mackenzie District Council maintains local roads to New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and its own Roading Asset Management Plan standards.

Over recent years the level of services for roading and footpaths has increased to meet higher expectations of road users. Improvements to localised road alignments, signage, road markings and street lighting have further provided increased road safety.

Maintenance programmes focus principally on maintaining roads at current levels of service. Further improvements are planned on selected areas, notably seal extensions with the support of NZTA financial assistance.

No new roads are anticipated except for short sections associated with new subdivisions. These are constructed by subdivision developers and vested in the Council once completed.

Roading services and responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance and upgrading of roads, bridges, cattle stops, footpaths, kerb, and channels.
  • Traffic services - including signage, road marking and street lighting and street cleaning.
  • In conjunction with the NZ Police and NZTA adopt and annually review a road safety strategy for the District, for implementation by the Road Safety South Canterbury Committee’s Annual Business Plan.
  • External contractors undertake maintenance in terms of contract specifications and are overseen by the Manager of the Councils Roading Business Unit.

Roading infrastructure in the Mackenzie District includes:

  • Sealed roads – 190km
  • Unsealed roads - 518km
  • Footpaths - 61km
  • Bridges - 96

Roading Professional Services is a business unit enabling the road network within the Mackenzie District to be managed in-house by council staff, while remaining eligible for NZTA assistance.

Services include:

  • Letting and supervising of works contracts for the maintenance and improvement of the road network.
  • Maintaining a District Roading Programme in accordance with NZTA requirements.
  • Collecting and maintaining information on the road network.
  • Researching and developing innovative methods to improve the level of service provided by the road network and to reduce costs.
  • Liaison with stakeholders, other road authorities and contractors, to maintain a high profile to the Council's road management activities.
  • Carrying out maintenance and improvement works external to NZTA funding, notably footpath maintenance and upgrades.