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Dogs and Animals

Responsible dog ownership in the Mackenzie District.

Dogs and Animals

Council provides and assists with animal control services for the community, specifically with dogs.

This can take the form of advice and assistance, dog registrations, complaints, and problem behaviours.

The Mackenzie District is a great place to have a dog, as a pet, rural or working dog. There are many dog friendly public spaces where they can be walked and exercised.

It is important to have control of your dog, whether it is on or off the lead, considering other adults and children – some of whom may be nervous around dogs. It is best practice to take care around dogs, as dogs can potentially bite, annoy, frighten, or injure others. If you do not think that you are able to keep control of a dog when it is off its lead, it is always safer to keep the dog on its lead.

By keeping dogs under control, problems can be prevented from occurring. Taking dogs to obedience training can help, however if the dog displays problem behaviour, you can contact a dog behavioural specialist to assist you in trying to alleviate these issues.

Register a dog

Register and amend details for your dog here.

Application for Responsible Dog Owner Status

The Responsible Dog Owner Status is a special dog ownership status that recognizes good, responsible dog owners and entitles them to a reduced annual dog registration fee.

Should you have any dog queries, contact the Mackenzie District Council Animal Warden:

0800 685 8514