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Noise and Environmental Health

Monitoring noise and environment health in the Mackenzie District.

Noise and Environmental Health

Mackenzie District Council contracts Timaru District Council to provide services in relation to Environmental Health in the Mackenzie District.

Noise is dealt with under the Resource Management Act 1991. The Act is designed to protect people from excessive or unreasonable noise.

It applies to noise under human control, notably:

  • Stereos and musical instruments
  • Machinery
  • Noise from individual people or groups.

Everyone is responsible for ensuring noise caused on their property does not create a nuisance for others.

If an enforcement officer considers noise to be excessive they may direct the person making the noise to reduce it to a reasonable level. This direction can be verbal or in writing.

If a direction to reduce noise is not complied with, an enforcement officer may take any of the following actions in relation to equipment making the noise:

  • Seize the item and remove from the location
  • Render the item inoperable by the removal of any part from it
  • Lock the item, or seal it to make it unusable

In addition, a person who fails to comply with a direction to reduce noise may be issued with an infringement notice.

Noise problems are often avoided by being mindful of the impact of your activities on neighbours and nearby people.

Noise Control Enquiries

For enquiries and complaints in business hours (8:30am to 5:00pm weekdays) call 03 685 9010 or 0800 685 8514.

Outside of business hours call 03 687 9580. You will be advised how to contract your local contractor.

The Timaru District Council's Environmental Health Unit is responsible for monitoring and enforcing specific statutory standards relating to food safety, public and environmental health in the Mackenzie District.

To achieve these responsibilities staff from the unit:

  1. Register and inspect food premises, camping grounds, hairdressing salons, funeral homes and offensive trades.
  2. Investigate claims of food poisoning/food-borne illness that are notified by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)
  3. Investigate health hazards and/or nuisances.
  4. Monitor and inspect premises licensed under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.
  5. Monitor and enforce relevant statutory/regulatory/bylaw requirements.
  6. Provide information and advice regarding environmental health matters.

Food Poisoning

To report a suspected case of food poisoning please contact Community and Public Health by phoning 03 687 2600.

CPH Food Poisoning form

Fees and Charges

Costs related to Noise and Environmental Health in the Mackenzie District.