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Fees and Charges

Schedule of Fees and Charges for 2023-2024.

Fees and Charges

While Council has made every effort to provide an accurate and exhaustive Schedule of Fees and Charges, if any errors and/or omissions are identified, Council reserves the right to vary and/or introduce fees and charges at its discretion.

  • Unless stated otherwise all fees and charges are inclusive of GST.

Asset Management

Asset Management General

  Fees 2023/24
On-cost for all chargeable private works carried out by Councils contractor 15%
Inspections/re-inspection (per inspection) $200.00

Staff Charge-Out Rates - Asset Management

Per hour (15-minute increments to the nearest quarter of an hour)

Fees 2023/24
Administrator $75.00
Engineering Officer $140.00
Engineering Manager/Group Manager Operations $190.00

Water Supply

Fees 2023/24
Tanker load of water Bulk Water (Maximum of 10,000 litres) $75.00

Water Supply by the Meter (Minimum Annual Fees)

Fees 2023/24
Inspections/re-inspection (per inspection) $190.00
Application for Connection/Disconnection $210.00
Water connection (20mm) $1,890.00 + reinstatement
Water connection (commercial) Actual Cost +15%
Re-allocation of units - rural supply $190.00
Fairlie $0.97/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Tekapo $0.97/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Twizel $0.97/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Burkes Pass $0.97/m3 (1st 700m3 before charges apply)
Meter Special read outside of the normal cycle (including Final reading) $85.00
Water meter testing fee (On-site) (if requested by the consumer and not found faulty) $150.00
Back flow installation Actual +15% Actual +15%
Back flow testing$150.00
Restrictor Change (Quick Fill)
Charges in lieu of Urban Water Supply Rates for part of the year

Foul Sewer

Fees 2023/24
Application for Connection/Disconnection$210.00
Inspections/re-inspection (per inspection)$190.00
Septic tank/holding tank to oxidation pond   $17.00/m3 + GST

Roading and Footpaths - General

Inspections Fees 2023/24
Inspections/re-inspection (per inspection) $190.00
Project work application Actual cost
Non-Compliance Inspection Fee Per Hour ( Mileage will be charge in line with urgent inspection mileage below) $190 + mileage
Urgent inspections will incur and additional mileage fee at the current IRD rate (per km) Actual cost
Vehicle Crossing Application Fees 2023/24
Vehicle Crossing Application if no inspection required $80.00
Vehicle Crossing Application if inspection required $275.00
Temporary Road Closures Fees 2023/24
Temporary road closure costs (prior to 42 days’ notice period) $135.00 + disbursements
Application fee for Temporary road closure for event and/or group of roads (prior to 42 days’ notice period) Base fee + $160.00
Temporary road closure costs – late applications (less than 42 days’ notice period). This does not include advertising and traffic management; these are the event organisers or contractor’s cost. $550.00
External Advertising Actual cost
Damage Assessment Inspection Actual cost
Road / Footpath Occupation Fees 2023/24
Rural Temporary Fencing and / or Road Occupation Application fee per site (Maximum term 3 years) (Breaking may occur) $160.00+disbursements
Annual footpath occupation in town centre, commercial area (including Market Place) $50/m²
Urban Hoarding/footpath occupation Application Processing Fee and road lease $370 + $13/linear metre/month
Unapproved Hoarding / footpath occupation in road reserve  Non-Compliance Fee (per occurrence) $735.00
Unapproved Hoarding / footpath occupation in road reserve Non-Compliance Fee - continuing to occupy road reserve land after non-compliance fee issued, until removed and reinstated  (per week) $160.00
Unapproved Hoarding / footpath occupation in road reserve - Removal  Actual cost
Overweight Permit Fees 2023/24
Overweight Permit$180 + disbursements
Structural Engineering ChecksActual cost
Overload of posted structure (per incident)Actual Cost + disbursements + 15%
Damage to StructureActual Cost + disbursements + 15%
Project works (Maintenance, Damage over and above normal levels) Actual cost
Road stopping Fees 2023/24
Road Stopping Process (per road to be stopped) Actual cost + 15%
Other Fees 2023/24
Cattle stop & Gate Across Road application fee only (excludes, advertising, inspections, dispersments, physical works and C.A.R fees)     $315.00
Penalty fee for unauthorised or non-notification of activities on or in the road reserve$315 + cost of activity
Detritus removal/ cleaning/ removalActual cost
Road/ Infrastructure Damage RepairActual cost
Stock Droving and/ or Crossing License$535.00
Abandoned vehicles Fees 2023/24
Mackenzie Urban Area$210.00
Other Areas$350.00

RAPID Numbers

  Fees 2023/24
Rapid Number application and plate $80.00
New Rapid Plate $25.00

Subdivision Inspection and Approval for Assets to be Vested or Constructed on Legal Road

Fees 2023/24
Total construction cost less than $25,000$525.00
Total construction cost greater than $25,000 2.1% of the value of the complete works

Corridor Access Request (CAR)

Fees 2023/24
Works within footpaths/berms 
Type FB1 (Minor)
Up to 6m2 and/or 20 lineal metres
Type FB2 (Major)
Greater than 6m2 and/or 20 lineal metres, but less than 10m2 and/or 100 lineal metres
Works within road carriageway (formed road) 
Type C1 (Minor)
Up to 2m2 and/or 5 lineal metres
Type C2 (Major)
Greater than 2m2 and/or 5 lineal metres, but less than 10m2 and/or 15 lineal metres
Project Work 
Areas greater than the above category types Actual cost
Additional weekly fee for where works exceed the stated period (per week)  $160.00
Seal opening reseal texturing fee per m2$20/ m2

Part Year Services - New Dwellings Completed During the Year

Fees 2023/24
Solid Waste Pro-rated for length of year
Water Supply Pro-rated for length of year
Foul Sewer Pro-rated for length of year
Storm Water Pro-rated for length of year

Solid Waste, water, sewer and storm water rates will be charged as a targeted rate in the Properties Rates invoice from the following year onwards.

Solid Waste

Charges for off-loading of waste by the public at a Resource Recovery Park.

Fees for Waste Accepted via Weighbridge

Fees 2023/24
Refuse $385/tonne
Green waste $80/tonne
Metal $70/tonne
Clean Fill $53/tonne

Fees for Waste NOT Accepted via Weighbridge Refuse

Fees 2023/24
Refuse per cubic metre $100.00
Refuse minimum charge $8.00
Mattress - single $20.00
Mattress - double $35.00

Green Waste

Fees 2023/24
Green waste per cubic metre $24.00
Green waste minimum charge $8.00

Clean Fill

Fees 2023/24
Clean fill per cubic metre $53.00

Car Body

  Fees 2023/24
Car body $150.00

Recyclable Materials

Fees 2023/24
Co-mingled recycling and glass (other than recyclable materials specified below)No charge
Whiteware – per item$30.00
Electronic waste - Televisions$18 each
Electronic waste - Photocopiers small and medium (under 0.5m3)$28 each
Electronic waste - Photocopiers large (over 0.5m3)$48 each
Electronic waste - all other miscellaneous items are accepted at no chargeNo charge
Metal per cubic metre$23/cubic metre
Metal minimum charge$8.00
Polystyrene - domestic quantities under 1 cubic metreNo charge
Polystyrene - quantities 1 cubic metre and over$10 per cubic metre
Childs car seat$5 per seat


Fees 2023/24
Car and 4WD tyres – per tyre $10.00
Truck tyres – per tyre $22.00
Tractor tyres – per tyre $55.00


Additional Roadside Collection Bins
Fees 2023/24

Additional set of bins

  • One off administration charge for the supply of a second set of bins for a property (there is no administration charge for supplying the first set of bins to a property, however the annual cost of the service applies per set of bins, including the first set), this administration charge is additional to the annual cost of the service.
Annual cost of additional roadside collection bins (per set of bins). $369.59

The cost of this service in 2023-2024 is $369.59 per annum (per set of bins) starting from July 2023. The cost of the bins for 2023-2024 will be pro-rated accordingly based on the month ordered and an invoice sent out for this cost.

The annual cost of the service for subsequent years will be added to your rates invoice from the next rating year, starting in July 2024.

Commercial Recycling

Fees 2023/24
Commercial recycling $238.33 per tonne including GST*
Commercial refuse$358.00 per tonne including GST*

* Commercial waste and recycling fees apply to material disposed of from a Commercial Waste Operator as per the Solid Waste Bylaw - Twizel Resource Recovery Park only.

Resource Management Act

It is Council policy to recover all fair and reasonable costs associated with processing of applications, administration, and monitoring of resource consents in accordance with Section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991.


Fees 2023/24
Subdivision Consent $1,200.00 (deposit)
Section 223 (Individual application) $300.00 (deposit)
Section 223 and 224 (Joint application) $600.00 (deposit)
Section 224 (Individual application) $450.00 (deposit)
Section 226 Certification $500.00 (deposit)
Lapsing Period Extension $400.00 (deposit)

Land Use

  Fees 2023/24
Enhancement/restoration to historic building No Charge
Resource consent exemption for boundary activities $250.00
Resource consent exemption for marginal/temporary rule breach $250.00
Controlled activity $500.00 (deposit)
Restricted discretionary activity $500.00 (deposit)
Discretionary activity $750.00 (deposit)
Non-complying activity $1,000.00 (deposit)

All Planning Applications

  Fees 2023/24
Administration (Included in the deposit fee for each application) As per scheduled staff time
Legal AdviceActual Cost
At staff costs$130.00/hr
Travel Costs for site visits [1]$0.76/km
Change or Cancellation of Conditions – delegated authority$500.00 (deposit)
Commissioning a specialist reportActual Cost
Public notification – (where required)$5000.00 (deposit)
Limited notification – Subdivision or Land Use Consent (Where required)$3000.00 (deposit)
Public NoticeActual Cost

1 The travel time and travel costs for a site visit will be measured from the closest Council Office to the site visit location.

Plan Change

  Fees 2023/24
District Plan change $10,000 (deposit)


  Fees 2023/24
Notice of Requirement (including applications for heritage orders) $10,000.00 (deposit)
Amendment to Designation Actual Cost
Outline plan approval $500.00 (deposit)
Outline plan waiver $500.00 (deposit)


  Fees 2023/24
Certificate of compliance $500.00 (deposit)
Certificate of existing use $500.00 (deposit)
Section 348 LGA 1974 – ROW’s $500.00 (deposit)
HAIL Search $310.00

A HAIL search consists of a search of Council records for Hazardous Activities and Industries (HAIL) in relation to a site in accordance with the “National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health”, and Natural and Geotechnical Hazards.

Financial Contributions

Council, under its revenue and Financing Policy, levies Financial Contributions. There contributions are levied for water, sewer and stormwater and are paid when new sections or multi-unit residential developments are created.

The formula used to calculate the contributions is:

V - L


  • V - Latest independent valuation of the water supply/sewerage system/stormwater system plus the value of any capital additions made since that time and less the value of depreciation charged since the date of revaluation.
  • L - Capital reserve balance with water supply/sewerage system/stormwater system as at 1 July each year. (The reserve may be in funds or overdrawn resulting in a positive or negative balance.)
  • R - Number of connectable properties (or properties for stormwater) contributing to the assets as at 1 July each year.

Schedule of Financial Contributions

Utility Fees 2023/24
Water $10,968.29 + GST
Sewer $7,090.80 + GST
Stormwater $2,715.25 + GST


  Fees 2023/24
Compliance Monitoring $130.00/hr
Issuing an abatement notice $310.00
Noise monitoring & noise complaints No charge

Staff Charge-Out Rates - Resource Management Act

Per hour (15 minute increments to the nearest quarter of an hour) Fees 2023/24
Administrator $70.00/hr
Planning Officer $130.00/hr
Senior Planning Officer $150.00/hr
Planning Manager/Group Manager Operations $180.00/hr
Engineering Officer $130.00/hr
Engineering Manager/Group Manager Operations $180.00/hr

Council Hearings Panel

  Fees 2023/24
Chair (Councillor)$100.00 per hearing hour
Member (Councillor) $80.00 per hearing hour (set by remuneration authority)
Hearing Panel Administration/Minute Secretary $70.00/hr

Independent Commissioners

  Fees 2023/24
Independent Commissioner Actual Cost


  Fees 2023/24
Planning Consultant Actual Cost
Engineering Consultant Actual Cost
Legal advice Actual Cost
Other specialist consultants Actual Cost

Building Consents

It is Council policy to recover all fair and reasonable costs associated with processing of applications, administration, supervision and monitoring of building consents in accordance with Section 219 of the Building Act 2004.

Building charge (and basis for charge)

Estimate only - includes allowances for PIM/BC, processing and applicable RFI's, required inspections and CCC. All processing and RFIs for all building consents will be charged at $192 per hour. Additional inspection costs will be charged at $192 per hour.

Building charge Fees 2023/24
Under $5,000$675.00
$5,001 - $19,999 (Non-habitable) $1,448.00
$5,001 - $19,999 (Habitable) $2,219.00
$20,000 - $50,000 (Non-habitable) $2,508.00
$20,000 - $50,000 (Habitable) $2,895.00
$50,001 - $100,000 (Non-Habitable) $3,087.00
$50,001 - $100,000 (Habitable) $3,473.00
$100,001 - $200,000$4,052.00
$200,001 - $300,000$5,210.00
$300,001 - $400,000$6,144.00
$400,001 - $500,000$6,528.00
$500,001 - $600,000$7,718.00
In excess of $600,000$7,718.00 + $530.00 per $100,000 or part thereof, plus applicaton fee, plus levies
Accreditation Levy: 0.04% of the estimated value of all new Building work. (Incl SFH, COA, Marquee, discretionary exemption, consent amendment, pool barrier) 0.04% value of Building work
BRANZ LevyProject under $20,000 are exempt
BRANZ Levy$1 per every $1,000 of value or part thereof.
MBIE LevyProject under $20,444 are exempt
MBIE Levy$20,444 and above - per every $1,000 or part thereof ($1.75 incl GST)

Note: Additional fees may apply depending on consent application e.g., current certificate of title, compliance schedules

Building Consents - Other Charges

Building charge Fees 2023/24
Administration fee - applies to all applications$90.00
Building Control Officer$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Building Manager$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Project Information Memorandum / Building Consideration - under $5,000$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Project Information Memorandum / Building Consideration - $5,000 and over $384.00
Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)$192.00 per hour or part thereof,
plus inspections at $192.00 each
Solid/ liquid fuel heater application – processing only, excludes inspections and CCC which are additional costs. (Freestanding/inbuilt /liquid)$675.00
Certificate of Acceptance

Non refundable application fee of $750.00.
PLUS the following costs will be applied:

  • any applicable fees (including processing, inspections, and administration at current hourly rates) and levies that would have been payable had building consent been applied for BEFORE carrying out the work;
  • any specialist input where applicable will be charged out a cost.
Extension of time for Certificate of Acceptance - Fixed fee$96.00
Waiver to Building Code$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Demolition Consent, if requested$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Amend issued building consent$192.00 per hour or part thereof, plus additional inspections if required at $192.00 each
Minor variation - If not conducted within allotted onsite inspection time of 1 hour
or if completed in office.
$96.00 per 30 minutes or part thereof, plus additional inspections, if required, at $192.00 each.
Extend building consent timeframes - Fixed fee$96.00
Compiling of a Compliance Schedule at time of CCC or CPU$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Compliance schedule amendment $192.00 per hour or part thereof
Application to erect marquee$192.00 per hour or part thereof plus inspections at $192.00 each
Inspection Fee$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Re-inspection Fee$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Inspection Fee in other districtsActual Cost
Cancelled inspection
$96.00 if cancelled after 3pm day prior, $192.00  if cancelled on day of inspection
$96.00 or $192.00 per hour or part thereof
Specialist (other engineering review)$90.00 plus actual cost
Discretionary exemption under Schedule 1 (2)$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Building Warrant of Fitness - Receiving information (Annual Form 12 acceptance)$90.00
Building Warrant of Fitness - Audit$192.00 for the first hour and $96.00 per 30 minutes of part thereof after that
Certificate under Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act - charged if building compliance verification required $192.00 per hour or part thereof
Request for information to be placed on a property file$90.00
Extension of time for Notice to Fix - Fixed fee$96.00
Notice to Fix - Base fee to prepare notice, plus investigation at $192.00 per hour, plus inspections at $192.00 per hour each or part thereof.$500.00 base fee, plus investigation and  inspections at $192.00 per hour or part thereof
List of building consents issued$90.00 per request
Application for Exemption for an Earthquake Prone Building$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Application for an Extension of time for a Heritage Earthquake Prone Building$192.00 per hour or part thereof
Assessment of information related to a Building's EQP status$192.00 per hour or part thereof
plus administration cost of $90.00
Notification of works to be placed on property file$90.00

Swimming Pools - Building Consents and Inspections

Building chargeFees 2023/24
Swimming Pool Administration (receiving IQP Pool inspection report)$90.00
Swimming Pool Inspection (including small heated pools)$192.00 for the first hour and $96.00 per
30 minutes of part thereof after that
Application for pool barriers$360.00

Certificate of public use

Building charge Fees 2023/24
Certificate of Public Use application fee (for an agreed duration)$192.00 per hour plus inspections at $192.00 each
Certificate of Public Use - first extension of timeframe request$384.00
Certificate of Public Use - second extension of timeframe request$772.00
Certificate of Public Use - third and subsequent extension of timeframe request$2,144.00
Certificate of Title on behalf of owner $90.00
Linking of titles$316.00
Notice on Certificate of Titles$500.00
NZ Fire Service Section 46 notice No Fee

Important Note

All building consents received by Council will be receipted. An assessment for processing the application, including the number of inspections required to be carried out to ensure compliance with the Building Act 2004 and Building Code will be made at that stage. A schedule of charges will be collated and an invoice generated. The building consent will not be issued until the schedule of charges have been paid to Council.

Dog Control Fees

Dog Control

  Fees 2023/24
Urban dog$80.00
Neutered urban dog$60.00
Rural dog$35.00
Working dog$35.00
Disability assist dogNo charge
Menacing dog$120.00
Permit to keep 3 or more dogs - Urban$20.00

A Penalty Fee for late registrations will be imposed after 1 August of 50% of the appropriate fee.

For those owners with 'Responsible Dog Owner Status' the fees are as follows

  Fees 2023/24
Urban dog$40.00
Initial Inspection Fee$25.00

All known owners will be forwarded an account for registration of their dog(s) during July.  All dogs of three months or more must be registered by the due date of 31 July.

Registration fees can be made in instalments up to 31 July.

Replacement tag

  Fees 2023/24
Replacement tag*$5.00 per replacement tag

*If you need a replacement tag, please call into one of our offices, in Fairlie or Twizel.

Impound Fees

  Fees 2023/24
First impound $80.00
Additional impound of same dog $130.00
Daily pound fee $20.00

Call-Out Fees

A call-out fee of $80.00 will apply and be charged to the owner of a dog that has been identified wandering or causing a minor nuisance. This fee may be imposed over and above any impoundment fee or infringement fine that Council may issue.

Internet Banking: Mackenzie District Council

A/c No. 03-0887-0226851-02

Payment Reference:
- Please quote your owner number if you have one, or your surname as a reference - e.g.  reference is ‘DOG’ and owner ID XXXX e.g. DOG 5467 or DOG SMITH

- If granted 'Responsible Dog Ownership' use ‘RDO’ in particulars.

Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees

Fees 2023/24
Roosters and Poultry License$100.00
Bees License$100.00
Cat License (Ownership of Multiple Cats 3+)$20.00
Inspection Fee$25.00

Stock Control

  Fees 2023/24
Call-out for wandering stock$80.00
Call-out for wandering stock- second offence (within any 12-month period)$160.00
Call-out for wandering stock- third offence (within any 12-month period)$320.00
Impounding fee per head, when stock have to be transported for impounding$100.00
Sustenance per day/per animal$10.00

Environmental Health

It is Council policy to recover all fair and reasonable costs associated with processing of applications, administration, supervision and monitoring of Environmental Health services in accordance with Section 7 of the Health (Registration of Premises) Regulations 1966.

  Fees 2023/24
Food premises (including mobile shop food premises)$155 per hour
Camping ground registration$315.00
Offensive trade$225.00
Transfer fee$100.00
Re-inspection feeActual Cost plus mileage

Food Act

New Registration

  Fees 2023/24
Food Control Plan (FCP) – single site$150 fixed fee
plus $75 per half hour after the first hour
FCP – multi site$225 fixed fee
plus $75 per half hour after the first hour
National Programme (NP)$150 fixed fee
plus $75 per half hour after the first hour
Consultancy (optional) – new business set up assistance/preopening visit$150 per hour
FCP Mentoring (optional)$300 fixed fee

Registration Renewal

  Fees 2023/24
12 month renewal - FCPs single site$150 fixed fee
12 month renewals - FCPs multi-site$225 fixed fee
24 month renewals - NPs$200 fixed fee
FCP Mentoring$300 fixed fee

Compliance and Monitoring

  Fees 2023/24
FCP – annual (incl those FCPs registered before 1 March 2016) $75 fixed fee
NP – 24 month $150 fixed fee

Verification (Audit)

  Fees 2023/24
FCP – single site audit$300 fixed fee plus $75 per half hour after the first 2 hours
FCP – multi site audit$300 fixed fee plus $75 per half hour after the first 2 hours
FCP Audit close-out over 15 minutes$150 per hour
NP1 Check (one-off)$150 per hour
NP2 Audit – 3 yearly$150 per hour
NP3 Audit – 2 yearly$150 per hour

Complaint Driven Investigation

  Fees 2023/24
Complaint resulting in issue of improvement notice by Food Safety Officer and its review$150 per hour plus actual travel costs and disbursements


  Fees 2023/24
Application & Assessment $150 per hour

Travel Charges (applied to fees above as appropriate)

  Fees 2023/24
Zone 2 (Mackenzie District Council)$55 fixed charge per visit
Actual Travel CostsWhere applicable, charged at 85 cents per km plus staff travel time at $150 per hour

Liquor Licensing and Gambling Act

On/Off Licence and Club Licence Applications

  Fees 2023/24
Very low$368.00
Very High$1,207.50

Special Licence Fees

  Fees 2023/24
Class 3: one or two small events$63.25
Class 2: three to twelve small events, or one to three medium events$207.00
Class 1: one large event, more than three medium events, more than twelve small events$575.00

Annual Licence Fees

  Fees 2023/24
Very low$161.00
Very High$1,437.50

Other Application Fees

  Fees 2023/24
Planning Certificate – Renewal of On/Off License Applications where a Resource Consent has been granted or a PIM with a permitted activity status has been granted previously$130.00
Planning Certificate –  On/Off License Applications for new premises$250.00
Public notice of Application Fee$89.90
Managers Certificate application and renewals$316.25
Temporary Authority$296.70
Temporary License$296.70
Appeal to ARLA (paid to ARLA)$517.50
Extract of Register$57.50
Permanent Club Charter$632.50
Certificate of Compliance (alcohol)$169.30

Other Regulatory Charges

Unmanned Aircraft

  Fees 2023/24
Flying approval application $150.00

Mobile Trading

  Fees 2023/24
Mobile Shop and Trader License $180.00
Mobile Shop and Trader License compliance inspection if required
(per inspection)
$180.00 for the first hour and $90.00 per 30 minutes of part thereof after that


Internment Fees

Fees 2023/24
RSA Ashes$260.00
RSA Burial$1,450.00
Designated ash area (Fairlie and Twizel only)$280.00
Ash beam & plinth fee$280.00
Lawn beam fee$120.00
Weekend and Public Holidays additional fee$400.00
Fairlie Memorial Wall $120.00

Plot Fee

  Fees 2023/24
Full size plot$750.00
Child Plot$600.00
Designated ash area (Fairlie and Twizel only)$400.00

Hall and Venue Hire

Mackenzie Community Centre

Stadium (per hour) Fees 2023/24
Standard 2$30.00
Set up charge$10.00
Regular user 3$24.00
Commercial function 4, hourly rate$60.00
Commercial set up fee$20.00
Hall hire bond$300.00
Theatre (seats 180) (per hour) Fees 2023/24
Standard 2$25.00
Set up cost per hour$10.00
Regular user 3$20.00
Commercial 4$50.00
Kitchen (per hour) Fees 2023/24
Kitchen Hire$20.00
Morning, afternoon teas, suppers etc. where only zip and fridge is used $15.00
Meeting Rooms (per hour) Fees 2023/24
Hire Lounge (includes tea making facilities and power consumption)$20.00
Lounge Hire Regular User$16.00
Miscellaneous Hire Items Fees 2023/24
Crockery available without charge (not to be removed from the centre). -
Furniture (Each)
Hire of chairs$2.00
Hire of forms$3.00
Hire of tables$16.00
Furniture bond per 10 items$60.00
  • NOTE: If furniture is required in the complex, it is not available for hire.
  • 2 Standard: Not for profit organisations or individuals
  • 3 Regular user: user with 10 or more pre-bookings
  • 4 Commercial: Business organisations or individuals working for profit

Lake Tekapo Community Hall

Community Board Room (per hour) Fees 2023/24
(Kitchen for cup of tea/coffee per use, zip and mugs included) 
Standard 2$20.00
Regular user 3$16.00
Commercial 4$40.00
Main Hall (per hour) Fees 2023/24
(Kitchen for cup of tea/coffee per use, zip and mugs included) 
Standard 2$25.00
Regular user 3$20.00
Commercial 4$50.00
Kitchen (per hour) Fees 2023/24
(for catering use includes ranges, crockery and cutlery) 
Standard 2$35.00
Regular user 3$28.00
Commercial 4$105.00
Whole complex (per day) Fees 2023/24
Standard 2$180.00
Regular user 3$144.00
Commercial 4$360.00
Whole complex (per hour) Fees 2023/24
Standard 2$50.00
Regular user 3$40.00
Commercial 4$100.00
  • 2 Standard: Not for profit organisations or individuals
  • 3 Regular user: user with 10 or more pre-bookings
  • 4 Commercial: Business organisations or individuals working for profit

Twizel Events Centre

Sports Hall (Casual fees per hour) Fees 2023/24
Standard 2$35.00
Regular user 3$28.00
Commercial 4$70.00
Theatre (Casual fees per hour) Fees 2023/24
Standard 2$30.00
Regular user 3$24.00
Commercial 4$60.00
Community Room with Kitchen (Casual fees per hour) Fees 2023/24
Standard 2$25.00
Regular user 3$20.00
Commercial 4$75.00
Community Room only (Casual fees per hour) Fees 2023/24
Standard 2$20.00
Regular user 3$16.00
Commercial 4$50.00
Kitchen only (Casual fees per hour) Fees 2023/24
Standard 2$20.00
Regular user 3$16.00
Commercial 4$60.00
  • 2 Standard: Not for profit organisations or individuals
  • 3 Regular user: user with 10 or more pre-bookings
  • 4 Commercial: Business organisations or individuals working for profit

Albury Hall

(Per session) Fees 2023/24
Hall and Supper Room (per hour)$20.00
Function hire (per session)$125.00
Function hire bond (per session)$125.00


  Fees 2023/24
Casual use $12.00 per court
plus $25 bond for swipe card
Annual Membership (Twizel only)$65.00


  • $1 coin in the meter will give players 15 minutes of lighting.
  • Lighting for both courts is run on a meter system regardless of whether you are a member or casual user.

Pensioner Housing

Fairlie Pensioner Housing

Target Weekly Rental Fees Fees 2023/24
Single Unit$155.00
Double Unit$205.00
Single Person in Double Unit$150.00

Twizel Pensioner Housing

Target Weekly Rental Fees Fees 2023/24
Single Unit$155.00
Double Unit$205.00
Single Person in Double Unit$150.00

Note: Council has set its policy that the target Pensioner Housing weekly rentals will be at market rates less 20%, and that the weekly rental charged at any given time will not exceed one third of the weekly National Superannuation.

Pukaki Airport

Landing Fees

The scale of fees is based on the MCTOW kg, on a per landing basis as follows: Fees 2023/24
Aircraft up to 1,500Kg$10.00
Aircraft up to 2,500Kg$15.00
Aircraft up to 3,500Kg$30.00
Aircraft up to 5,500Kg$40.00
Aircraft greater than 5,500Kg$50.00

Administration Fees

Fees 2023/24
One off landings - an additional administration charge if the landing fee is not paid within 3 working days $15.00 per landing
Quarterly accounts - an additional administration charge each quarter unless every landing fee for the period is paid within 3 working days$15.00 per quarter


Internet Banking: Mackenzie District Council
A/c No. 03-0887-0226851-02
Particulars: Name
Code: P10821
Reference: Aircraft Registration (eg ZK123)

Swimming Pools

Strathconan Swimming Pool (Fairlie) and Twizel Swimming Pool

  Fees 2023/24
Senior (Gold Card)$4.50
Community Services (Card Needed)$4.50
Student (Student ID)$4.50
Pre-Schooler with a paying caregiver (under 5, over 16)Free
Concession Ticket 
Adult Concession Ticket (12 swims)$55.00
Senior (Gold Card) $45.00
Community Services (Card Needed)$45.00
Child Concession Ticket (12 swims)$35.00
Season Pass 
Adult $195.00
Senior (Gold Card) $155.00
Community Services (Card Needed)$155.00
Child Season Pass$120.00
Family Season Pass (Up to two adults and three children)$295.00
School Booking (per hour) (If pre-booked)$50.00
Private Hire, 1 lifeguard (per hour)$80.00
Private Hire, 2 lifeguards (per hour)$120.00

Alps2Ocean Cycle Trail

Commercial Operators fee

  Fees 2023/24
Commercial Operators fee $5.00 per day
per client

Geographic Information Services

Customised by GIS staff, the charges listed below are for printing only. Additional charges may apply where the time to customise exceeds five minutes, then the hourly rate below applies after the first five minutes.

GIS Staff

  Fees 2023/24
GIS staff hourly rate $180.00

Copies of Aerial Photography / Full Colour Maps

  Fees 2023/24
A4 Colour copying$5.00
A3 Colour copying$10.00
A2 Colour copying$20.00
A1 Colour copying$35.00
A0 Colour copying$50.00
Fully referenced – per title$90.00
Non-referenced – per title$20.00
(emailed JPEG file restricted to 5 hectares for urban areas and 1/2km2 for rural areas)

Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act Charges

Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act Requests

Requests for copies of records or information held under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987:

Fees 2023/24
The first 60 minutes of any request will be at no charge. After the first 60 minutes in responding to a request, staff time will be charged out at the following rate: $38.00 / 30 min
PhotocopyingFirst 20 pages free,
thereafter refer to the
scheduled photocopying

Property File Requests

  Fees 2023/24
 Viewing of property files by property owners$30.00 / property
 Viewing of property files by non-property owners$30.00 / property
Flashcard (USB) – if requestedAdd $20.00
Turnaround for viewing property files
  • Fairlie: there is a 24-hour turnaround to view a property file in Fairlie.
  • Twizel: there is a 3-day turnaround to view a property file in Twizel.

All other charges incurred shall be fixed at an amount that recovers the actual costs involved. This includes:

  • Producing a document by computer, USB or other like equipment;
  • Reproducing a film, video or audio recording;
  • Arranging for a requestor to hear or view an audio or visual recording.

In accordance with s13(4) of the Act, the Council may require that the whole or any part of any charge be paid in advance.

Land Information Memorandum (LIMS)

Land Information Memorandum (LIMS) Fees 2023/24
Commercial/Rural - Urgent$852.00
Residential - Urgent$680.00


  • Payment must be made on application.

Internet Banking: Mackenzie District Council

A/c No. 03-0887-0226851-02

Payment Reference: Business name or surname of LIM applicant (only)
(Do not use Property Valuation Number)



The charges listed below are for printing / copying only.

Black and White Copies Fees 2023/24
A4 single sided$0.30
A4 double sided$0.50
A3 single sided$0.60
A3 double sided$1.00
A4 Cardboard add extra$0.30
Colour Copies Fees 2023/24
A4 single sided$1.00
A4 double sided$2.00
A3 single sided$2.00
A3 double sided$4.00
Copies of Plans – (Not Aerial Photography or Maps) Fees 2023/24
A4 Colour Plan copying$1.00
A3 Colour Plan copying$2.00
A2 Colour Plan copying$8.00
A1 Colour Plan copying$10.00
A0 Colour Plan copying$15.00

Valuation Roll Enquiries

  Fees 2023/24
Abstracts from Rating Rolls – paper copy $120.00 per town

Lake Alexandrina Lease Assignments

  Fees 2023/24
Lease Assignment $125.00

Certificate of Title Search

  Fees 2023/24
Certificate of Title $25.00
 $5.00 per additional current interest

Payment Methods

Credit Card Payments

  • Credit card payments for Council services are available at the Fairlie Council office.
  • Mackenzie District Council charges a surcharge of 2.20% per transaction for this service. The surcharge is automatically applied to help recover bank fees. There is a minimum service fee of $1.00.
  • You should check with your card issuer for details about fees or changes that may also apply as this credit card transaction is carried out in terms of their arrangement between you and your card issuer.
  • All overpayments or incorrect payments made from your credit card will be refunded to your nominated bank account on a mutually agreed date.
  • The name that will appear on your statement will be "Mackenzie District Council".

Cash and EFTPOS

Cash and EFTPOS payments may be made at the Fairlie and Twizel Council offices.

Internet or phone banking transfer

Installment payments or a regular amount may be transferred to the Council through phone or internet banking. The bank account for phone/internet payments is:

Account number: 03 0887 0226851 02.

Please fill in the online banking reference sections as follows:

Particulars: Your surname
Code: Rates
Reference: Your valuation number (you will find this on your rates invoice)

Direct debit (Rates Easypay)

Options available for payment by direct debit quarterly (installment due date). You complete and sign a direct debit application form (also available from all service centres) and we advise the amount of each payment on the Installment invoice, and the dates that payments will be debited. If you want to stop or change a direct debit, call the Council to advise or request a new Form.

Direct Debit Form

Automatic payment

Ratepayers may direct credit a regular amount from their bank account into the Council's account. To avoid penalties, automatic payments should be set to clear each instalment by the due date. Council staff can help you to calculate this amount.