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Building Consents and Applications

Information and application documents covering building consents within the Mackenzie district.

Building Consents and Applications

Council's position on building advice and guidance

When receiving enquiries from owners or designers requesting information relating to approved/recommended materials, systems or contractors the Building Authority advises that council remains impartial on such matters.

Council does not provide guidance on materials, methods or systems to achieve compliance with New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) requirements.


Council does not advise on recommended contractors.


A designer is responsible for ensuring the plans and specifications or the advice in question, is/are sufficient to result in the building work complying with the building code, if the building work were properly completed in accordance with those plans and specifications or that advice.

Building Consents Search

Building consent details for property titles within the Mackenzie District.

Building Consents Documents

Forms, guides and related documents for building consents and applications.

Swimming Pool Installations

FAQs, forms, guides and related documents for swimming pool installations.

Fees and Charges

Costs related to Building Consents and Applications in the Mackenzie District.