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Property file requests

Requests for copies of property files held by Council.

Property file requests

Property file information request

Request a Mackenzie District property file online.

To request a property file, please put in writing

  • Valuation number of property you are requesting information about
  • Physical address of property you are requesting information about
  • Proof of payment of our fee as below
    (this can be a screenshot from your online banking, or the EFTPOS receipt if you paid in one of our offices)

Please send requests to info@mackenzie.govt.nz

If the property you want information about includes multiple valuation numbers, please talk to our Customer Services staff in the Reception area of either of our offices and they will be able to advise you.

Supplying Property files

We supply property files by an online link through WeTransfer service. You have seven days to access the information. If you do not access it within that time, a new request will have to be made and may incur a second charge.

If you have problems accessing electronic files, please talk to our Customer Services staff. They will make arrangements for you to view the file online in one of our offices.

Fees and Charges

  Fees 2023/24
 Viewing of property files by property owners$30.00 / property
 Viewing of property files by non-property owners$30.00 / property
Flashcard (USB) – if requestedAdd $20.00
Turnaround for viewing property files
  • Fairlie: there is a 24-hour turnaround to view a property file in Fairlie.
  • Twizel: there is a 3-day turnaround to view a property file in Twizel.

All other charges incurred shall be fixed at an amount that recovers the actual costs involved. This includes:

  • Producing a document by computer, USB or other like equipment;
  • Reproducing a film, video or audio recording;
  • Arranging for a requestor to hear or view an audio or visual recording.

In accordance with s13(4) of the Act, the Council may require that the whole or any part of any charge be paid in advance.