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Community Board Grant

Grants to support not-for-profit community organisations within the Mackenzie District.

Community Board Grant

Each Community Board area has a contestable grants pool to encourage and support not-for-profit organisations that have a positive impact on the community. The grants help local organisations pay for specific projects, events, or the maintenance of facilities that benefit the community.

It is preferable that the organisations applying for these grants are incorporated societies or trusts, but informal organisations and individuals may also apply.

How much are the grants?

Most grants are for less than $500, although occasionally larger grants are made. Priority is given to organisations that have sought other sources of funding first.

Twizel Community
You can apply for
up to $500 per grant
Grant to be spent on projects/events
in the Twizel Community Board area
Tekapo Community
You can apply for
up to $1000 per grant
Grant to be spent on projects/events
in the Tekapo Community Board area
Fairlie Community
You can apply for
up to $250 per grant
Grant to be spent on projects/events
in the Fairlie Community Board area

What types of things are funded?

  • Not-for-profit events and projects.
  • Projects that benefit the wider community or a section of the community served by the community board.
  • Projects that respond to a current or future community need.

What types of things are not funded?

  • Projects or events that have already happened (with the exception of the reimbursement of council fees - see below for details).
  • Projects with the main purpose of promoting commercial, political or religious activity.
  • Projects that are the core business of central government or another service provider.
  • Debt servicing, gambling or prize money, travel costs, conference fees, or costs related to fines or disputes.
  • Applications that are not complete, or do not specify an amount.

Reimbursement of council fees.

Sometimes a not-for-profit organisation applies for a community board grant to cover the cost of hiring a council facility, or a council service they need to use (e.g. lodging a traffic management plan for a parade). If you are asking the community board to pay a council fee, you must pay the fee first and attach the receipt to your grant application form. You will then be reimbursed the amount on the receipt if the community board decides to approve your grant. This is the only circumstance where a grant will be given retrospectively, or after the event.

How do I apply?

Fill out the form and send it to or deliver it to the council office in either Fairlie or Twizel.

Your application will be included on the agenda of the next community board meeting, where it will be discussed by the community board and a decision made. You are welcome to attend the meeting and speak at the public forum if there is anything you would like to add to your application.

After the meeting you will be notified of the result of your application. If it is successful you will be asked to supply an invoice for the amount granted, and proof of your bank account number (such as a deposit slip). Payment usually follows on or about the 20th of the month.

For more information.

View the Community Grants Policy here.


Arlene Goss, Governance Advisor,

PO Box 52, Main Street, Fairlie 7949

PH: (03) 685 9010


Grants - Community Board Grant Application Form
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