District Plan Review

District Plan Review

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District Plan Review

Mackenzie District Council is planning for the future with a review of the Mackenzie District Plan

We’re updating the District Plan to ensure it ensures we can grow in a sustainable way, while protecting the things that make the Mackenzie District special.

Mackenzie's current or 'Operative' District Plan can be found here.

Live District Plan Review Stages

Stage One: Strategic Chapters

Stage Two: Spatial Plans Implementation & Light

What is the district plan?

A District Plan is essentially the rule book that sets district-wide rules for sustainably managing how people use, subdivide and develop land, what and where they can build and also what kind of activities they can undertake.

The Plan also controls any adverse effects an activity could have on the neighbourhood and protects the uniqueness of our district by looking after our heritage, cultural values, outstanding landscapes and coastal environment among other matters.

Why are we reviewing the district plan?

The Mackenzie District Plan (District Plan) is currently 15 years old and needs to be reviewed and updated to better respond to the effects of growth, bring it into line with national and regional planning instruments, and implement the newly created Mackenzie Spatial Plans.

The effects of growth and development are being felt across the Mackenzie District, both positive and negative. The current planning framework is outdated and has not kept pace with growth. This is leading to outcomes that were not anticipated when the operative District Plan was drafted and are affecting the communities of the Mackenzie.

There are a number of issues at play in the Mackenzie District that are creating pressures for both locals and visitors while impacting infrastructure and amenity values. Four key problems have been identified by elected members that need to be addressed.

  1. Uncoordinated and fragmented development is enabled, disrupting social and economic wellbeing, putting pressure on infrastructure.
  2. Failure to protect our natural landscapes, water and indigenous biodiversity, erodes Mackenzie’s unique environment.
  3. Mana whenua values and footprint are missing, reducing the strength of the plan & inhibiting the ability of our tangata and mokopuna to thrive.
  4. The outdated and permissive nature of the plan, results in inconsistent and ad hoc decision making, creating perverse and undesirable outcomes.

What are we trying to achieve?

These are the District Plan Review’s investment objectives:

  1. Improved social and economic outcomes, and resilience
  2. Enhancing and protecting our natural environment and landscapes.
  3. Mana whenua values are protected and integrated for future generations.
  4. The plan is fit for purpose & future focused.

Partnering with mana whenua and the community, the District Plan will look to raise the bar for the future of the Mackenzie District. It will ensure MDC can manage the effects of growth while planning for the future. It will also ensure the environmental, social and economic needs of each community are provided for.

How are we going to do it?

It is proposed to work through the plan in stages which, once complete, will achieve a fully replaced district plan in the National Planning Standard format. The objective is to give effect to all relevant regional and national statutory documents via this process. The development of each chapter will include a review to ensure regional and national compliance, with specific provisions or cross references included where appropriate.

The review will be staged as follows:

The review will be staged as follows:

Stage One: Strategic Chapters

Stage Two: Spatial Plans Implementation & light

Stage Three: Rural, Subdivision, East Mackenzie Landscape

Stage Four: District Wide Matters

Stage Five: Special Purpose Zones/Precincts, Open Space, Recreation Zones, Designations

Stage Six: Remaining Provisions

Click here to see the District Plan Review programme.

How do I have a say?

Visit the District Plan Review engagement page at 'Lets Talk' to learn more and find out about how you can be part of the conversation.

The District Plan is of critical importance to the community as it sets the rules for what is allowed to happen in the district – how your land can be used and how others’ land can be used – it is the core statutory document that drives land use in the district.

Community input will be needed at every step along the way - both to shape the provisions of each stage, and through the statutory consultation process that is required when each stage is officially notified.

As each stage begins we will create a specific engagement page below - stay tuned for more updates.

If you want to know more or would like to sign up for further notifications, please email districtplan@mackenzie.govt.nz and request to be added to the District Plan Review mailing list.