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Carbon Friendly Footpath Assessment Process

Footpath assessments are taking place in Twizel and Tekapo over late May and early June. Using electric bikes, staff from Council's Engineering team, and Council's roading contractors Fulton Hogan were able to save carbon by reducing vehicle use, the bikes considered to be more versatile for this purpose than larger petrol or diesel powered vehicles.

The assessment process included using a Maintenance Intervention Guideline (rating system) to collect faults information and severity of issues found. This will enable Fulton Hogan to schedule repairs to the worst rated faults, matching to available budget.

Footpath Assessment Twizel

Council Engineering Officer, Erin McDiarmid, along with Fulton Hogan roading team members Andrew ‘Dusty’ Rhodes and Shaun Perrin, collected and uploaded information into a computer tablet, which will be reviewed, and work scheduled at an appropriate time.

Footpath Assessment Twizel