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Drainage Inspections, helping to program and protect Mackenzie District roads

Inspections of culverts are currently underway by Council's roading contractors, Fulton Hogan.

Haldon Road CulvertsConor Boult and Ella Stephenson have been reviewing all culverts on the network, looking for damage, blocked and broken pipes that required work. Inspection are completed using a computer tablet and uses the data already held within Council’s systems, to help manage this process of inspections across the 1,822 culverts in the district.

Information is downloaded from the computer table into Fulton Hogan systems each night and is available for viewing on specific drainage dashboards, which provide information back to Council and Contract Staff.

When the inspections are fully completed, contract staff will be able to understand the number of culvert issues that need to be addressed.

Fulton Hogan will plan to fix key culverts, with high risks, on key routes first, matching these to available drainage budgets.

As of 10 February 2022, Ella and Conor had completed 47.15% (859) culverts and the map below shows the areas/roads that have been completed to date.

Within Council’s system, there are nine different types of culverts including 41 Aluminium, 21 Steel and 11 Stone materials.

Fulton Hogan Culvert map