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Fairlie Cemetery tree management

From Monday 5 December 2022, we will be starting work in the Fairlie cemetery to remove three trees that have been identified as posing a risk to the cemetery infrastructure and to people visiting the cemetery.

Two of these are very large Douglas Fir trees which have grown with a very low ‘inclusion’ – essentially a fork in the trunk – which has created two significant trunks with a potential weakness in the join. If one of these fails there would be a risk to any people in the vicinity, and damage would be caused to grave headstones and a neighbouring driveway. The third tree is a very large old pine.

If you are in the vicinity during that week, please stay clear of the area of operations and look out for all hazard signs.

This task is part of a larger programme of tree-management work Council is doing over summer to address a backlog of work in this area.