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Mayors Taskforce for Jobs - Chelsea Sheehan and Emma Hayes - Remarkable Beauty, Fairlie

Chelsea Sheehan and Emma Hayes have both found employment at Remarkable Beauty, supported by Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ).

Chelsea SheehanChelsea Sheehan worked for Haley at Remarkable Beauty in Fairlie last summer while still at school, and was offered a full-time position once she left.

Having Chelsea on board to help with greeting clients and cleaning the treatment rooms between clients has been invaluable particularly with the additional hygiene requirements needed because of COVID-19.

Emma Hayes has been employed as a beauty therapist and the ladies of Fairlie are grateful.

This has allowed owner Haley Shaw to expand the services that are offered at Remarkable Beauty.

Chelsea and Emma are valued members of Remarkable Beauty, and their bright and bubbly personalities makes your experience extra special. Mackenzie District Council and MTFJ are pleased to able to support Chelsea, Emma and Haley with funding from the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs programme.


Contact information

Name: Leaine Rush, MTFJ coordinator