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Mayors Taskforce for Jobs - William Dawson - High Country Salmon

William was living in Wellington and working various jobs after COVID displaced him from his previous employment. Wanting to secure permanent and stable employment, William looked further afield and applied for a job at High Country Salmon in Twizel.

MTFJ William DawsonKarl French, General Manager, was impressed with William during the interview and offered him a permanent position, which meant a massive change for William.

Karl approached Leaine Rush, Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) coordinator, as he had previously spoken to her about what support is available for new employees.

Leaine was able to support William in moving to Twizel and High Country Salmon for employing him, all possible because of the Think Rural pilot in conjunction with the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs programme.

William is really enjoying working and living in Twizel and all the lifestyle opportunities that come with living in the Mackenzie District.


Contact information

Name: Leaine Rush, MTFJ coordinator

Email: leaine.rush@mackenzie.govt.nz