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Mayors Taskforce for Jobs - William Lawrence - Barwoods

William Lawrence had ambitions of being a diesel mechanic. He has landed not far from his target - instead of fixing trucks he is driving them.

William was working casually doing farm work when an opportunity arose to work at Barwoods as a truck driver.

Leaine Rush, Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) coordinator, and Tracey Cassie from Barwoods have been in contact since the inception of the programme and were thrilled to be able to work together to assist William with his employment opportunity.

Since working at Barwoods, William has achieved his full Class 2 drivers license and had been given his own truck to drive, which is his pride and joy.

William Lawrence

Mike O’Brien. Dispatcher at Barwoods, worked with William on his theory for his Class 2, passing first time. Mike is impressed with William's work ethic, saying that he is always keen and willing to get stuck in at work.

Mayor Graham recently met William at the Barwoods depot and commented that William might be spreading fertiliser at his farm before long.

MTFJ and Mayor Graham wish William the best with achieving his Class 4 licence, when he is eligible, and his future career at Barwoods.