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New Organic Waste Collection Service

We are excited to announce the new Green Organics Bin Collection for the Mackenzie District. We have been working with our contractors for some time to make the changes necessary for us both to provide this service, which ratepayers and residents have been asking for.

The new green bins are being distributed over the week of 14-18 March to Twizel, Tekapo, Fairlie, Kimbell, Burke's Pass and Albury - please bear with us while we get these delivered. The Green Organics Bin Collection takes place weekly, commencing on Monday 21 March. You can start using your bin as soon as you receive it - but please don't put it out for collection before the week of 21st March.

The green bin takes food waste and garden waste – the exceptions to this are bamboo, cabbage tree leaves, rhubarb leaves, flax and palm leaves, shells and shellfish.

After collection, Green bin content is transported to the organics facility at Redruth, Timaru. This is a great step forward for waste in the Mackenzie District, which will result in around 330 tonnes of organic waste being diverted from landfill and processed into usable compost.

New collection day for Fairlie. Kimbell, Burkes Pass & Albury

The bin collection day for Fairlie, Kimbell, Burkes Pass and Albury will change to Friday, effective from Friday 25 March 2022.

The collection day has changed to Friday due to availability of the collection truck, which operates out of Timaru.

Trucks can be out early, so bins should be out for collection by 7am.

Red and yellow bins continue to be collected fortnightly, while the new green organic bin, and the blue glass crate, will be collected weekly.

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