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Ohau Road Reserve Development Plan

The Ohau Road Reserve is an underutilised space directly bordering the new Four Lakes subdivision in Twizel. Council’s goal is to enhance the Ohau Road Reserve by planting, landscaping, and adding features designed to increase the area’s value for recreation and leisure.

These works are also being conducted to enrich the area’s visual and ecological appeal and provide quality parks space for a growing part of the Twizel township. As this location is home to the new shared path to Lake Ruataniwha, we expect the development of this reserve to enhance users experience and provide shade and a stopping point for the path’s users.

The reserve is what we classify as a “local park” and is not intended to attract large amounts of people but instead will service local needs. We plan for the Ohau Road Reserve to include:

Informal play/grassed areas

  • Seats
  • Picnic tables
  • A water fountain
  • Plantings
  • Trees (deciduous exotic, conifers, and natives)
  • A playground
  • Basketball half-court

We will ensure that plans are in place to minimise factors that may disrupt the general public:

  1. Impacts on visitors and restrictions during works. We will mitigate this as far as possible this by scheduling works during quieter months of the year.
  2. Noise complaints from residents over earth-works. Strict hours of work will be in place to reduce any disruption.

We're keen to hear your feedback before we finalise plans. All feedback will be considered by the Twizel community board before they make a final decision.

You can leave feedback by completing the online form, until 8 May 2022.

Further infomation covering the Ohau Road Reserve Development Plan page is on the Lets Talk website.

Ohau Road Reserve Development Plan

Ohau Road Reserve Development Plan