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Peace Avenue trees get a haircut

On Monday 5 September work will start, to do a bit of tidy up of the Peace Avenue trees.

This is the first time this work has been done for many years. The main purpose of this work is to deal with safety or structural issues. The work on most trees won’t be very significant or noticeable once completed. We will also be clearing the way for large traffic on the State Highway in the places where the trees have grown too far across the road.

Regular work like this is necessary to ensure tree health and safety, and to get as long a life out of them as possible. It is important to reduce the risk of a major tree fall or damage during wind events if possible. This will be the start of an ongoing maintenance program on these trees.

However, a few poor trees need to be removed and this work will happen at the same time. Not only will we be replanting to replace those we remove, but we will be planting in some already existing gaps, and planning for some future planting too.

The work will start just south of the Fairlie cemetery and moving north through the town. There will also be some work done on the trees in and around Kimbell.

The work is expected to take approximately three weeks. This will be part of an ongoing maintenance programme to keep the trees in good condition.

While work is underway contractors will have clear signage and traffic management in place. We ask everyone to obey all signage and thank them for their patience.