Tekapo River Iron Bridge banner image

Old Iron Bridge - Tekapo River

The Iron Bridge, on the Pukaki River track which crosses the Tekapo River, is one of Council’s more unusual assets.

The bridge is from the Ministry of Works days, sold to the Council many years back for a symbolic $1 dollar.

Old Iron Bridge - Tekapo

This bridge is accessed from the Haldon Arm camp and crosses the lower Tekapo River, connecting Haldon Arm Road to 4x4 tracks across the river. The river usually runs low, however when there is spilling from Lake Tekapo the environment changes dramatically.

Old Iron Bridge - Tekapo

It is a bumpy trip from the Haldon camp along a riverbed surface for approximately 20 minutes before turning onto more riverbed and crossing a couple of fords before reaching the bridge.

Inspections are taken by Fulton Hogan on a six-monthly basis to check the condition of structure.