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Twizel water meter update - 26 February 2024

The project in Twizel to install water meters is progressing well. So far we have installed approximately a quarter of the total number (about 500).

The information we are now receiving from them has shown some interesting facts which we thought we would share with the people of Twizel.

Most importantly, we can see clearly that the vast majority of residents – about 87% of our connections,  are using water carefully and responsibly. Which is great to see, even if it is what we’d expect to see.

Where we have identified a heavy water user,  we have worked with them to identify the reason, and to work on a solution. So far we’ve been able to alert a couple of home owners to significant leaks they were not aware of, and which can now be fixed.

Twizel water usage

The above graphic shows the distribution of water consumption and the relevant percentage being consumed of the total being produced. This data comes from the 500 meters that have been installed to date. We will aim to repeat this graphic at we get to 1,000, and 1,500 meters, and when the project is complete.