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Council Adopts Compliance Enforcement Policy

Councillors today adopted a Compliance Enforcement Policy.

Mackenzie District Council takes a comprehensive "spectrum" approach to promote understanding of the need for compliance and encourage positive behavioural change to ensure the highest levels of compliance is achieved where that is needed. To achieve this Mackenzie District Council employs various strategies to promote compliance such as:

  • Engagement with people, stakeholders and the community on matters that may affect them. This will promote greater understanding of the challenges and constraints; engender support and identify opportunities to work with others.
  • Education for those who are unaware of the rules and regulations or need reminding of their obligations. It is also important in providing the community with information about what rules and regulations are in place and what is acceptable behaviour.
  • Enabling individuals, stakeholders and supporting them to develop best practice by linking with resources and advice and promoting examples of best practice.
  • Enforcement when breaches of rules and regulations are identified using the range of enforcement tools council has available to it to bring about positive change

The new policy sets out how Council will approach matters of non-compliance, and when and how enforcement will be undertaken.

Compliance Enforcement Policy