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Lake Tekapo - planned lake water spill into Tekapo River

Genesis advise that Lake Tekapo is currently approaching its Maximum Control Level, due to recent rainfall and inflows.

To comply with lake level consent conditions, water will flow from Lake Tekapo along the Tekapo River, via the Lake George Scott Spill Weir.

Genesis are anticipating that spill flow will commence from 2pm on Friday 26 November 2021.

Genesis plan to fly a helicopter the length of the Tekapo River bed to warn the public of the anticipated flow, prior to the spill occurring.

They are currently notifying a number of parties to ensure people take care when accessing river areas in case of flow changes - do not risk crossing any river on foot or in a vehicle if there is a risk of being inundated or stranded if levels rise.

If you see others who may be at risk, please contact Genesis’s Control Centre on (07) 384 7210.