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District Plan - Stage 2 – Spatial Plan Implementation (Plan Change 21) and Lighting (Plan Change 22) - Preferred Approach

Mackenzie District Council has been working through a ‘preferred approach’ process for the urban zones which forms Stage 2 of the District Plan Review. Stage 2 gives effect to the Spatial Plans for the district and also addresses light controls. These topics will form Plan Changes 21 and 22 to the Mackenzie District Plan.

Engagement with iwi, stakeholders and the wider community has been positive and has assisted us to work through issues covered by this part of the District Plan Review. A huge thank you to all who have contributed so far, whether that was attending a drop-in session, completing out the online survey or providing feedback directly to the project team.

We are now progressing with District Plan chapter drafting, mapping and writing up of the Section 32 Assessment Report for the Plan Changes for Stage 2 to be notified later this year. Other material used for this process includes expert assessments regarding urban design.

This information sheet provides a summary of how we intend to address the following questions:

  • What activities will be encouraged and what will be discouraged in each of the urban zones? i.e. how will adverse effects be managed?
  • How will visitor accommodation in the district be managed, including motels, hotels, lodges and holiday home rentals?
  • Should ‘workers accommodation’ be treated any differently to other residential activities?
  • Should ‘minor units’ be provided for in residential zones?

If you would like to provide any feedback on the matters listed within the information sheet, please email the project team at districtplan@mackenzie.govt.nz

Please provide and feedback by Friday 5 August. You will also have the opportunity to file a submission to Plan Changes 21 and 22 when they are publicly notified later this year.

Contact information

Email: districtplan@mackenzie.govt.nz