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Eliminating wild Russell lupin from land adjacent to SH8

Environment Canterbury is responsible for providing regional leadership in pest management and for implementing the Canterbury Regional Pest Management Plan. Its purpose is to minimise adverse effects associated with specified organisms, through a regionally coordinated approach.

Wild Russell lupin is declared a pest under the Canterbury Regional Pest Management Plan. Rule 6.4.23 (d) of the Plan requires land occupiers on rural zoned land to eliminate wild Russell lupins within:

  • d.10 metres from an adjoining property boundary.

The reason for this rule is to prevent wild Russell lupin establishing and seeding within the specified distances from waterways and adjoining property boundaries.

Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency undertakes annual lupin control along the road margins of State Highway 8. It is therefore required under the rules specified above, that all wild Russell lupin be controlled within 10 metres of the adjoining NZTA property boundary.

An inspection will be carried out in January 2023 to ensure the control of wild Russell lupin has been undertaken.

Further information covering rules and control options is available at