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Mackenzie District Council - Final Results 2022

The final results for the Mackenzie District Council elections held on Saturday 8th October are as follows.

RoleCandidateVotes Received

(1 Vacancy)

MUNRO, Anne 1,510
MCCARTHY, Robin 333
Pukaki Ward BELLRINGER, Kerry Athol (Independent) 437
(3 Vacancies) MORGAN, Karen 411
ARONSEN, Scott 361
COLE, Zhivannah 307
SANDERS, Mark 235
FREAR, Mark 134
Opuha Ward GUERIN, Phillipa 797
(3 Vacancies) FISHER, Rit 711
COX, Murray 689
GARNER, Cameron 218
Tekapo Ward MURPHY, Matt Elected unopposed
(1 Vacancy)  
Twizel Community Board GUNN, Tracey  
(4 Vacancies) HODGES, Tony  
Fairlie Community Board SMITH, Damon 718
(4 Vacancies) HABRAKEN, Angela 605
GUINEY, Kieran 507
LANE, Holly 463
TAYLOR, Charlotte 437
PAYNE, Jodi 363
ABBOTT, Simon 224
EADES, Mark 50
Tekapo Community Board BINNS, Sharron  
(4 Vacancies) HOWES, Steve  
SIMCOX, Caroll  

Result definitions

Progress Results

Not all ordinary votes have been counted yet, those votes received on the last morning will still be in transit to the Electoral Officer. Progress results are expected to be available on Saturday 8 October from 2pm as reconciliations and quality assurance checks are completed. Results could change.

Preliminary Results

All ordinary voting papers have been received and counted, but not all special votes. These will be announced later on Saturday evening or Sunday after the last ordinary voting papers that were delivered to Council offices prior to the close of voting have been received and processed. Results could change.

Official Results

All ordinary and special votes have been counted. These will be released by Thursday 13 October, once special voting processes have been completed. Results are final.