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McLean Park Southern Boundary Tree removal - Fairlie

Douglas Fir trees on the Southern Boundary of McLean Park are being removed by contractors over the period of Tuesday 31 May - Friday 3 June, between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Arborist Chris Rutherford stated that "These trees are mature and approaching the end of their useful life. The trees have served their purpose - assumed to be to provide shelter for the establishment of the parks amenity trees - and are likely to pose an ongoing risk for the future during wind storms as experienced twice in 2021.”

The recommendation was to remove the trees, replacing these with amenity trees that are in keeping with other trees in the park.

The work site will be fenced off during this time - If you are using McLeans Park, please stay clear of the work site and obey the signs and instructions from the contractors.

While this work takes place, contractors are also working in the Fairlie public domain to remove a double-trunked tree, which is becoming unstable, posing a potential danger.