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Notice of Tree Works

Council are undertaking several tree related maintenance projects throughout the Mackenzie District, over June and July 2022.

What we are doing and why

To save costs, Council does not employ a full-time arborist. So when tree works arise, they are listed for completion, and a tender is then put to qualified arborists for the accumulated work 2-3 times per year.

Several works will be taking place throughout thirteen different locations in Fairlie, Tekapo and Twizel. Including:

  • Pruning on some trees that:
    • Overhang property boundaries
    • Have sustained damage
    • Are posing a risk to the community
    • Are blocking important viewing shafts
    • Are significantly shading residential properties
    • Need shaping
  • The relocation of established plants   which were planted too densely and now have a new location identified.
  • The removal of trees in cases where:
    • The tree has reached the end of its life cycle
    • Risk is posed to the public
    • The species is inappropriate for the town (eg conifers)
    • There is a high risk of wilding spread and pressure from Environment Canterbury
    • Damage is being caused to property, Council or Private

This work is part of Council's normal operations, is necessary, and prevents hazards posed to the public from unmaintained trees.

In some situations, difficult decisions must be made, and works may involve the removal of trees in special locations or trees of other special significance. In these cases, replanting will be programmed at the appropriate time of year and will generally include a similar species.

Where some trees within a tightly planted stand are removed, it is often better to remove all of the trees as root damage and wind exposure can create a higher risk to the remaining trees.

While tree work is being undertaken, the public must obey all instructions from the arborists working on site. A reminder that intruding on tree works can endanger the arborist and yourself.

Where contractors cannot sell the wood to recover costs, Council will provide opportunities to local groups such as the Fairlie Lions and Twizel Firewood groups, who assist those unable to cut their own wood. Slash (offcuts) will be chipped and used as mulch around the townships in support of new plantings. Stumps will also be scheduled for removal where appropriate.

Locations of Tree Removal


  • Strathconan Park, a Douglas Fur with significant damage on the parks Southern Boundary.


  • Greenway between Hopkins Road and Fraser Crescent, a conifer on a boundary fence with a double leader, which is causing damage to neighbouring properties.
  • Greenway between Maryburn Road and Sefton Street, a half-dead silver birch, removed for safety reasons.
  • Behind 94 Mackenzie Drive (Reserve on Glen Lyon Rd), two cedars right on the boundary fence, both are causing damage to the neighbouring properties.
  • Greenway between Mackenzie Drive to Godley Street (next to 21 Godley Street), three Poplars for removal, and one small Rowan, all dangerous and right on the fenceline causing damage to neighbouring properties.

The work will take place over the June and July 2022 period.

Contact information

Phone: (03) 685 9010 or 0800 685 8514