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Proposed Campervan Waste Disposal Point - Fairlie

Council has been funded by the Tourism Facilities Infrastructure Fund to construct a campervan waste disposal point in Fairlie.

We have identified the location on Talbot Road adjacent to the Fairlie Golf Club as the preferred location given the proximity to services, easy access, the existing Golf Club carpark and adjacent uses. There are very few other options in Fairlie that meet the particular requirements of a Campervan waste disposal point.

Council has had initial discussions with the Golf Club and would now like to hear from the community regarding this proposed location, shown on the plan below.

Proposed Campervan Waste Disposal Point - Fairlie

The campervan waste disposal point would be of similar design to the one shown below and consist of two sumps in a raised concrete island and a concrete hardstand.

Proposed Campervan Waste Disposal Point - Fairlie

We are keen to hear your feedback on this proposal.

The survey is open for feedback until 5pm on 18 February 2022.

For further information, please view the Lets Talk website.