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Proposed Plan Change 20 - Strategic Direction Chapters Summary of Submissions

The Mackenzie District Council has prepared a summary of submissions on proposed Plan Change 20 to the Mackenzie District Plan.

Proposed Plan Change 20 is Stage 1 of the review and seeks to replace the following sections of the Mackenzie District Plan:

  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – Policy and Legal
  • Section 3 – Definitions (in part*)
  • Section 4 – Takata Whenua

The Plan Change has been drafted in accordance with the National Planning Standards and incorporates the following components:

Part 1 – Introduction and General Provisions

  • Introduction
  • How the Plan Works
  • Interpretation (in part*)
  • National Direction Instruments
  • Tangata Whenua/Mana Whenua

Part 2 – District-wide Matters

  • Strategic Direction

The summary of submissions is available online here.

Paper copies of the Summary of Submissions are also available for viewing at the Council Offices in Fairlie, 53 Main Street, and Twizel, Market Place.


The following persons may make a further submission on Plan Change 20:

  • Any person representing a relevant aspect of public interest;
  • Any person who that has an interest in the proposed plan change greater than the interest than the general public has; and
  • The Mackenzie District Council itself.

A further submission must be made in the format prescribed by Form 6 and must relate to a matter in an original submission to the plan change. Submission forms are available for download from the Council Website. Paper submission forms are also available at the Council Offices in Fairlie and Twizel.

Completed submissions forms are to be sent to Council by email or post:

Email Post


Plan Change 20 to the Mackenzie District Plan

Mackenzie District Council

PO Box 52, Main Street

Fairlie 7949

Any further submission on Plan Change 20 must also be sent to the original submitter within five working days of lodging your submission with Council.

The closing date for lodging a further submission is 5.00pm Monday 3 October 2022.

Once the closing date for further submissions has passed, a Council hearing for Plan Change 20 will be held to consider all submissions. The hearing is currently scheduled from Tuesday 29 November to Thursday 1 December 2022. Anyone who has made a submission and indicated that they wish to be heard will have the right to attend the hearing and present their submission.

If you have any questions regarding Plan Change 20 or the further submission process, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Department at 03 685 9010 or via email districtplan@mackenzie.govt.nz

Angela Oosthuizen

Chief Executive

On behalf of Mackenzie District Council

Notification Date: 16 September 2022