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Public Meeting - Perambulator Lane and Siegerts Road - Kimbell

To Identify former descendants of land-owners of Perambulator Lane and Siegerts Road, Kimbell

The land, within Kimbell township, known as Perambulator Lane and Siegerts Road, has never been legalised as road and is still held by the original owners Frederic John Kimbell and Michael Rowand Buchanan.

Mackenzie District Council wishes to legalise these roads, though has not been successful in the search for the descendants, and propose to take the land under the provisions of the Public Works Act 1981 for use as roads.

This will allow legal access to a number of adjacent properties end enable future development.

Anyone with an interest in finding out more about the background of this legalisation process, or may be a descendant of the owner(s) is invited to a public meeting to be held at Silverstream Hotel, Kimbell on Wednesday 23 November 2022, commencing at 5.30pm.

For further information contact Mackenzie District Council - 0800 685 8514 or

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