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Changes to Building Consent application processes - May 2023

In order for Mackenzie District Council Building Consent Authority to effectively process building consent applications the following changes are being implemented and are effective immediately.

Ground bearing verification

Confirmation of site soil bearing capacity needs to be provided at application stage in order for the building consent officer processing the application to be satisfied on reasonable grounds the proposed foundation design is in accordance with the nominated compliance path, i.e. NZS3604:2011.
NZS3604:2011 Section 3 provides test methods for determining soil bearing capacity for buildings designed in accordance with the standard.

If a site does not comply with the definition of good ground, as described in NZS3604:2011, the foundations shall be the subject of specific engineering design (SED) and investigation as appropriate

Specific Engineering Design (SED) elements

Where building consent applications contain significant Specific Engineering Design (SED) elements supported by a PS1 statement (Design) an appropriate construction monitoring schedule, from a suitably qualified individual (CPEng) will be required to be provided as part of the Building Consent application documentation.

Minor SED elements contained within the design will be assessed for suitability of inspection by MDC Building Inspectors at time of processing.

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