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Plan Change 21 - Implementation of the Spatial Plans

Pursuant to Clause 10 of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991 the Mackenzie District Council gives public notice of the decision of the Independent Hearing Panel on Plan Change 21 to the Mackenzie District Plan.

Plan Change 21 forms part of Stage 2 of the review and replaces or amends (in part) the following sections of the Mackenzie District Plan:

  • Section 3 – Definitions
  • Section 5 – Business Zones
  • Section 6 – Residential Zones
  • Section 10 – Hazardous Substances
  • Section 13 – Subdivision
  • Section 15 – Transportation
  • Section 16 – Utilities
  • Appendix P – Lake Tekapo Design Guide
  • Appendix Q – Lake Tekapo Village Centre Outline Development Plan

The Plan Change has been drafted in accordance with the National Planning Standards and incorporates the following components:

Part 1 – Introduction & General Provisions

  • Definitions (in part)
  • Abbreviations (in part)

Part 3 – Area Specific Matters

  • Residential Zones
    • Large Lot Residential
    • Low Density Residential
    • Medium Density Residential
  • Commercial and Mixed Use Zones
    • Neighbourhood Centre Zone
    • Large Format Retail Zone
    • Mixed Use Zone
    • Town Centre Zone
  • General Industrial Zone
    • General Industrial Zone
  • Precincts
    • Takapō / Lake Tekapo Precinct
    • Commercial Visitor Accommodation Precinct
  • Development Areas
    • Takapō / Lake Tekapo West Future Development Area
    • Takapō / Lake Tekapo North-West Future Development Area

Part 4 - Appendices & Maps

  • Height in Relation to Boundary
  • Takapō / Lake Tekapo Character Guide and Medium Density Residential Design Guide

All information on Plan Change 21 including the decision report is available here.


Any person who made a submission on Plan Change 21 may appeal to the Environment Court against the decision. Appeals must be in the format prescribed and lodged with the Environment Court within 30 days (by 13th June 2023) of this notice being served. The applicant must also serve a copy of the notice in the prescribed manner to the Mackenzie District Council. Attention is drawn to Clause 14 of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Angela Oosthuizen
On behalf of Mackenzie District Council

Notification Date: 1st May 2023