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Changes to wheelie bin collections following Ministry for the Environment decision.

The Ministry for the Environment has made changes to what councils throughout the country are allowed to collect in their wheelie bins. This will mean some changes for Mackenzie District residents.

The new changes are part of the Government’s move to standardise recycling and organics across New Zealand from February 1.

The main changes affecting Mackenzie District are:

  • Paper and cardboard can no longer go in the GREEN bin. Instead.
    • Pizza boxes and egg cartons – if clean can go in the YELLOW bin.
    • Newspaper – goes in the YELLOW Bin.
    • Tea bags and coffee filters – go in RED bin.
    • Paper towels, serviettes or tissues – go in RED bin.
    • ‘Compostable’ marked paper packaging such as coffee cups – go in RED bin.
  • Pet Poo – goes in the RED bin.
  • Aluminium foil and aerosol cans can no longer go in the YELLOW bin – they now go in RED bin.
  • Plant pots now go in the RED bin.

If you live in Mackenzie District,  the frequency of your bin collection, and which bin is being collected when, is unchanged. You can always check the front page of our website to check which bins to put out this week.