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Mackenzie District Plan Review – Stage Four

Mackenzie District Council is updating the Mackenzie District Plan to ensure the district can grow in a sustainable way, while protecting the things that make the place so special.

The Mackenzie District Plan Review began in early 2022 and is continuing to make great progress, with the first three stages largely complete.

In September last year, Council consulted with the community on a range of issues involved in Stage Four, which covers a range of topics across the district.

The District Plan Review team used the results of this phase of consultation to help shape up a range of Plan Changes based on feedback. Stage Four is now well underway, and MDC is looking to notify the below Plan Changes in November 2024, subject to Council approval.

Plan Change 28

  • Historic Heritage
  • Notable Trees
  • Hazards and Risks

Plan Change 29

  • Open Space and Recreation Zones
  • Noise
  • Signs
  • Temporary Activities

Plan Change 30

  • Special Purpose Zones
    • Pukaki Village
    • Pukaki Downs
    • Glentanner
  • Airports


Have your say

We are just about to kick off a second round of community consultation on Stage Four.

As part of this we will be carrying out a quick survey which seeks to understand what people think about the proposed plan changes.

We’ll be using the feedback we receive to help fine tune the provisions before taking them to Council for adoption and notification.

This survey will be live online at > District Plan Review - Stage Four from 8 July – 2 August.

Community Information Evenings

The District Plan Review project team are holding a series of community information evenings. These are an opportunity for you to discuss the issues relating to Stage Four with Council Staff and the project team, let them know what you think, and learn more about the process. The dates for these are below:

Tuesday 23 July:

Fairlie – 5.00pm – 7.30pm – (Fairlie Community Lounge)

  • This will include specific time to discuss Historic Heritage at Burkes Pass (5:00pm – 5.45pm)
Wednesday 24 July

Takapō – 5.30pm – 7.30pm (Tekapo Community Hall)

Thursday 25 July

Twizel – 5.00pm – 7.30pm – (Twizel Community Lounge)

  • This will include specific time to discuss Hazards, including Hydro Inundation and the Ostler Fault (5:00pm – 5.45pm)

Find out more

You can find out more about Stage Four of the District Plan Review by visiting our website at > District Plan Review - Stage Four where you will find summaries on each topic, detailed background papers and a range of other material.