Rabbit bait drop - Tekapo June 2024 banner image

Notice of rabbit baiting work: Andrew Don Drive, Tekapo

Baiting will take place for pest control of rabbits at Tekapo in the forestry areas adjacent to Andrew Don Drive on Monday 1 July, Monday 8 July and Monday 15 July 2024.

Rabbit populations have become a common sight in this area, and to help prevent the rabbit population from growing, bait drops will take place using carrot laced with pindone solution.

Please do not let your animals into this area over the duration of the bait drops, and for 28 days after. This is to avoid the poisonous bait, and the resultant rabbit carcases.

The area being baited is within the red boundary markings of the map above, adjacent to Andrew Don Drive leading down to the Tekapo River, canal and powerhouse.

Signage will be in place for this area.

Tekapo MDC rabbit job - June 2024 content