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Peace Tree Avenue Maintenance

Council contractors will shortly be starting on a program of maintenance work on the avenue of Peace Trees.

The avenue stretches along State Highway 8 from the Opihi River bridge North-West of Fairlie to the Cricklewood Bridge to the South.

This is the second phase of work on these trees for this project. In 2020 Mackenzie District Council engaged a contractor to identify, map and assess the condition of the trees, and to develop a maintenance plan. From this plan council programmed work to be carried out over a 3-year period, starting in September 2022.

This season works will include:

  • trimming of overhanging branches in the road corridor to ensure oversized vehicles can use the road. (Waka Kotahi NZTA has advised which trees need trimming for this.)
  • removal of epicormic growth (the shoots around the trunks of trees) to promote better tree health.
  • removal of any large dead branches etc.
  • If a tree needs to be removed the Arborist will notify Council and arrangements will be made to replant a new tree in its place. If we do to replace a tree, or plant additional trees in the Peace Avenue we intend to plant similar species to the original ones planted.

There are approximately 19 different tree species in the avenue. The highest number are Quercus robur (common oak) and Ulmus procera (English elm) but there are also walnut, maple, chestnut and ash species.

Fairlie Peace Trees

This year contractors will be working in the following areas:

  • North of Fairlie towards Kimbell
  • Central Fairlie to Fairlie cemetery
  • Fairlie cemetery towards Cricklewood Bridge

Traffic Management will be in place wherever the arborists are working. There may be more than one work site active at any one time.

Mulch material will be taken to two MDC contractor’s sites and used for gardens and future MDC projects where possible.

Arborists working on the Peace Avenue are expected to be on site approximately 19 February to 1 March and 11 March to 22 March 2024.

Contact information

Name: Communications, Mackenzie District Council

Email: communications@mackenzie.govt.nz