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Resource Management Act Fees and Charges

Costs related to applications for Resource Consents.

Resource Management Act Fees and Charges

Resource Management Act

It is Council policy to recover all fair and reasonable costs associated with processing of applications, administration, and monitoring of resource consents in accordance with Section 36 of the Resource Management Act 1991.


Fees 2023/24
Subdivision Consent $1,200.00 (deposit)
Section 223 (Individual application) $300.00 (deposit)
Section 223 and 224 (Joint application) $600.00 (deposit)
Section 224 (Individual application) $450.00 (deposit)
Section 226 Certification $500.00 (deposit)
Lapsing Period Extension $400.00 (deposit)

Land Use

  Fees 2023/24
Enhancement/restoration to historic building No Charge
Resource consent exemption for boundary activities $250.00
Resource consent exemption for marginal/temporary rule breach $250.00
Controlled activity $500.00 (deposit)
Restricted discretionary activity $500.00 (deposit)
Discretionary activity $750.00 (deposit)
Non-complying activity $1,000.00 (deposit)

All Planning Applications

  Fees 2023/24
Administration (Included in the deposit fee for each application) As per scheduled staff time
Legal AdviceActual Cost
At staff costs$130.00/hr
Travel Costs for site visits [1]$0.76/km
Change or Cancellation of Conditions – delegated authority$500.00 (deposit)
Commissioning a specialist reportActual Cost
Public notification – (where required)$5000.00 (deposit)
Limited notification – Subdivision or Land Use Consent (Where required)$3000.00 (deposit)
Public NoticeActual Cost

1 The travel time and travel costs for a site visit will be measured from the closest Council Office to the site visit location.

Plan Change

  Fees 2023/24
District Plan change $10,000 (deposit)


  Fees 2023/24
Notice of Requirement (including applications for heritage orders) $10,000.00 (deposit)
Amendment to Designation Actual Cost
Outline plan approval $500.00 (deposit)
Outline plan waiver $500.00 (deposit)


  Fees 2023/24
Certificate of compliance $500.00 (deposit)
Certificate of existing use $500.00 (deposit)
Section 348 LGA 1974 – ROW’s $500.00 (deposit)
HAIL Search $310.00

A HAIL search consists of a search of Council records for Hazardous Activities and Industries (HAIL) in relation to a site in accordance with the “National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health”, and Natural and Geotechnical Hazards.

Financial Contributions

Council, under its revenue and Financing Policy, levies Financial Contributions. There contributions are levied for water, sewer and stormwater and are paid when new sections or multi-unit residential developments are created.

The formula used to calculate the contributions is:

V - L


  • V - Latest independent valuation of the water supply/sewerage system/stormwater system plus the value of any capital additions made since that time and less the value of depreciation charged since the date of revaluation.
  • L - Capital reserve balance with water supply/sewerage system/stormwater system as at 1 July each year. (The reserve may be in funds or overdrawn resulting in a positive or negative balance.)
  • R - Number of connectable properties (or properties for stormwater) contributing to the assets as at 1 July each year.

Schedule of Financial Contributions

Utility Fees 2023/24
Water $10,968.29 + GST
Sewer $7,090.80 + GST
Stormwater $2,715.25 + GST


  Fees 2023/24
Compliance Monitoring $130.00/hr
Issuing an abatement notice $310.00
Noise monitoring & noise complaints No charge

Staff Charge-Out Rates - Resource Management Act

Per hour (15 minute increments to the nearest quarter of an hour) Fees 2023/24
Administrator $70.00/hr
Planning Officer $130.00/hr
Senior Planning Officer $150.00/hr
Planning Manager/Group Manager Operations $180.00/hr
Engineering Officer $130.00/hr
Engineering Manager/Group Manager Operations $180.00/hr

Council Hearings Panel

  Fees 2023/24
Chair (Councillor)$100.00 per hearing hour
Member (Councillor) $80.00 per hearing hour (set by remuneration authority)
Hearing Panel Administration/Minute Secretary $70.00/hr

Independent Commissioners

  Fees 2023/24
Independent Commissioner Actual Cost


  Fees 2023/24
Planning Consultant Actual Cost
Engineering Consultant Actual Cost
Legal advice Actual Cost
Other specialist consultants Actual Cost