Dogs and Animals fees and charges

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Dog Control Fees

Dog Control

  Fees 2021/22
Urban dog$80.00
Neutered urban dog$60.00
Rural dog$35.00
Working dog$35.00
Working dog (disability)No charge
Menacing dog$120.00
Permit to keep 3 or more dogs - Urban$20.00

A Penalty Fee for late registrations will be imposed after 1 August of 50% of the appropriate fee.

For those owners with ‘Selected Owner Status’ the fees are as follows

  Fees 2021/22
Urban dog $40.00
Initial Inspection Fee$25.00
Annual Inspection Fee$15.00

All known owners will be forwarded an account for registration of their dog(s) during July.  All dogs of three months or more must be registered by the due date of 31 July.

Registration fees can be made in instalments up to 31 July.

Replacement tag

  Fees 2021/22
Replacement tag $5.00 per replacement tag

Impound Fees

  Fees 2021/22
First impound $80.00
Additional impound of same dog $130.00
Daily pound fee $20.00

To be imposed once on impound and once every 24 hours thereafter.

Call-Out Fees

A call-out fee of $80.00 will apply and be charged to the owner of a dog that has been identified wandering or causing a minor nuisance. This fee may be imposed over and above any impoundment fee or infringement fine that Council may issue.

Stock Control

  Fees 2021/22
Call-out for wandering stock$80.00
Call-out for wandering stock- second offence (within any 12-month period)$160.00
Call-out for wandering stock- third offence (within any 12-month period)$320.00
Impounding fee per head, when stock have to be transported for impounding$100.00
Sustenance per day/per animal$10.00