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Communications in the event of an emergency

Communications channels used in emergency situations.

Communications in the event of an emergency

Communications during emergency situations:

  • Emergency updates are posted on our Facebook page and Emergency Management Event Page.
  • Refer to the CDEM page on the inside cover of your Yellow pages phone book.
  • During an emergency, if your life is at risk dial 111, otherwise contact your local CDEM Headquarters (Mackenzie District Council 0800 685 8514 or 03 685 9010).
  • Look after your immediate family first then see if your neighbours need help.
  • Listen to the radio to find out what is happening. Within the Mackenzie listen to:
    • Radio Twizel FM (95.8)
    • Gem Radio Fairlie (88.3)
    • More FM (94.2 or 95.0 / Mackenzie Basin 89.4)
    • The Breeze (89.9 or 99.8); or
    • The Hits (98.7).
    • Brian FM (Mackenzie Basin - 99.0)

Note: If you don't have a battery powered radio remember most vehicles have radios.

While organisations can help in an emergency, individuals are ultimately responsible for looking after themselves and their property, and preparedness is vital.