Licensing Fees and Charges

Liquor Licensing and Gambling Act

On/Off Licence and Club Licence Applications

  Fees 2022/23
Very low $368.00
Low $609.50
Medium $816.50
High $1,023.50
Very High $1,207.50

Special Licence Fees

  Fees 2022/23
Class 3: one or two small events$63.25
Class 2: three to twelve small events, or one to three medium events$207.00
Class 1: one large event, more than three medium events, more than twelve small events$575.00

Annual Licence Fees

  Fees 2022/23
Very low $161.00
Low $391.00
Medium $632.50
High $1,035.00
Very High $1,437.50

Other Application Fees

  Fees 2022/23
Planning Certificate – Renewal of On/Off License Applications where a Resource Consent has been granted or a PIM with a permitted activity status has been granted previously$130.00
Planning Certificate –  On/Off License Applications for new premises$250.00
Public notice of Application Fee$89.90
Managers Certificate application and renewals$316.25
Temporary Authority$296.70
Temporary License$296.70
Appeal to ARLA (paid to ARLA)$517.50
Extract of Register$57.50
Permanent Club Charter$632.50
Certificate of Compliance (alcohol)$169.30