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Mackenzie Community Centre - Fairlie

Mackenzie Community Centre - Fairlie

The Mackenzie Community Centre is located on Main Street, Fairlie, adjacent to the Mackenzie District Council offices.

Facilities include a stadium hall, 180 seat theatre, kitchen and meeting rooms.

Fees and Charges

Stadium (per hour) Fees 2022/23
Standard 2$25.00
Set up charge$8.50
Regular user 3$20.00
Commercial function 4, hourly rate$60.00
Commercial set up fee$20.00
Hall hire bond$300.00
Theatre (seats 180) (per hour) Fees 2022/23
Standard 2$20.00
Set up cost per hour$8.50
Regular user 3$16.00
Commercial 4$50.00
Kitchen (per hour) Fees 2022/23
Kitchen Hire$19.00
Morning, afternoon teas, suppers etc. where only zip and fridge is used $12.50
Meeting Rooms (per hour) Fees 2022/23
Upstairs Meeting Room $12.50
Hire Lounge (includes tea making facilities and power consumption) $16.00
Lounge Hire Regular User $12.80
Miscellaneous Hire Items Fees 2022/23
Crockery available without charge (not to be removed from the centre). -
Furniture (Each)
Hire of chairs $2.00
Hire of forms $3.00
Hire of tables $16.00
Furniture bond per 10 items $60.00
  • NOTE: If furniture is required in the complex, it is not available for hire.
  • 2 Standard: Not for profit organisations or individuals
  • 3 Regular user: user with 10 or more pre-bookings
  • 4 Commercial: Business organisations or individuals working for profit